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muna alsabah

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Nablus-Women FM- With the presence of man on earth, agriculture was known, which is the main financier of foodstuffs, and the prevailing belief for thousands of years was that soil, in addition to water, air and light, are the most important components of successful agricultural activity, and agriculture is not possible without it, until scientists and researchers reached To a new method of soilless farming, called "Hydroponic Hydroponics", which depends on farming in water, while providing the rest of the other ingredients necessary for plant growth, and hydroponics is an environmentally friendly technology, as it can be used to grow any type of plant using a diet Scientifically balanced, and with the conditions in which we live, this cultivation had a share of the experience in the West Bank after its spread in the Gaza Strip, so that the female forearms also had a share in it and a great honor to engage in it and succeed in it.


Mona Al-Sabah is a mother, teacher, plastic artist, and most importantly, the first Palestinian woman to start a hydroponic system project in the West Bank.


It is not easy for a person to leave an imprint in many sectors, but Mona is an inspiring model for all women, and proves that the Palestinian woman is able to be a beacon to others and an experience that can be emulated.


Mona’s experience in creating a simple hydroponics system on the roof of her house is an experiment through which she is trying to chart and shape a promising future for the Palestinian agricultural sector, and to reduce the problems faced by the Palestinian farmer by adopting a system that is ultimately capable of achieving self-sufficiency, on the one hand, and to export an organic product It bears the name Palestine.


Between work, passion, and multiple tasks, Ms. Mona Al-Sabah from the town of Beit Iba, located northwest of Nablus, is trying to innovate and innovate in the time of Corona, declaring not to surrender to the ordeal of the epidemic, and searching for an idea that is the bright side in all dark situations, and in light of the ban to have her An effective and positive role in light of the circumstances in which we live, and achieved a measure of positivity, rather than negativity, so her idea was hydroponics.


Mona..mathematics teacher and artist


Mona Al-Sabah says about herself: I am like any mother who loves to take care of her children and her home, and they are always on the hierarchy of my priorities, and although I initially entered the Faculty of Fine Arts at An-Najah University and graduated from it in 2004, and despite my love for plastic painting and portraits, I and my strong love for mathematics decided His studies, and I joined and graduated from Al-Quds Open University, and I work as a mathematics teacher.


She adds: But my hobbies are many. I generally consider myself an amateur for the arts, agriculture, and mathematics, and a lover of Palestinian heritage, and I always strive to highlight and develop it in the ways available to me.


Mona points out her strong love for conducting meetings with the elderly to be inspired by their past, and prepares videos about them and publishes them on social media to take lessons and lessons from them. She also always tries to highlight the Palestinian heritage in her paintings, drawing everything that represents the city of Jaffa and its old city. And Jerusalem, and through its brush, it seeks to highlight Palestinian embroidery as well as traditional tools, striving to preserve this heritage from disappearance and loss, so that it remains inherited for future generations.


As for her being a mathematics teacher, Mona smiles and continues her conversation: I always try to form a model of correct academic education in teaching this subject, so that children consider it difficult for them.


Hydroponics experience.


When asked about her idea that emerged and her experience in the field of hydroponics on the roof of her house, especially since this type of agriculture has been immersed in only a few in the West Bank, although it aims to produce various organic plants, reduce water consumption and provide self-sufficiency, Mona says: By nature, I love agriculture and am passionate about it, and I grow many types of flowers and some simple vegetables on my balcony. As for hydroponics, I got to know about it through social media, and I read deeply about it and accessed a lot of materials related to it, and I watched many videos about it, and I liked it. I was very interested in her idea, to the point that I began to ask and inquire through agricultural engineers and specialists in this field.


Mona goes on to say about hydroponics itself: This type of agriculture helps reduce the problem of water scarcity, as it is economical in terms of its consumption of water and fertilizers, and incorporates technology into its system and produces organic crops. The “hydroponic” method relies on planting plant seeds or “seedlings” in Nutrient aqueous solution, containing the main elements needed by the plant, ranging between 12 and 16 elements, or planting the plant in an “inert” solid, so that it does not interact with the plant nutrient solution. In this way, the use of chemical fertilizers is dispensed with, the excess of which usually leaks out of the plant's need in traditional agriculture to the soil. Hydroponics also protects the plant from pests that may attack it from the soil, as is the case in traditional agriculture, and in light of the Corona pandemic, my conviction has increased that the need has become urgent for the production and consumption of organic crops, as most of our food is unhealthy, marketed to us for a commercial purpose, and contains in It contains a lot of hormones and chemicals.


Exploitation and obstacles.


She goes back to the beginning to explain to us more, and she continues: At the beginning of my project, I was exploited by parties who tried to sell me equipment, solutions, plant seedlings and seeds at very high prices, and I think that the reason for this is because I am a woman, and in this field there are not many women who work But this exploitation did not deceive me and did not discourage me, thanks to my reading and my comprehensive knowledge of this subject in all its aspects.




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