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Tahani Abu Salah

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Tahani Abu Salah, the youngest Palestinian doctorate holder in the Arabic language

Palestinian Tahani Abu Salah, from Khan Yunis, seeks to enrich the Arabic language through books and studies after obtaining a doctorate degree from the Islamic University in Gaza, to be the youngest doctorate holder in Palestine.


The journey of Tahani Abu Salah, who was not more than 27 years old, began at the beginning of her university studies, as she was the youngest student among her colleagues, until she obtained four degrees, the last of which was a doctorate in the Arabic language, during which she wrote four books aimed at becoming a reference. For students and stakeholders in various fields.


Abu Salah completed her Bachelor of Arts study in Arabic within three and a half years, then studied educational qualification, and obtained a master’s degree after a year and a half. The study was the first of its kind to deal with young, non-famous poets to shed light on their creativity.


In 2018, Tahani was awarded the title of the youngest doctoral student in the universities of Palestine, when she was twenty-five. In her doctoral thesis, she addressed the topic of "The Names of God in the Holy Qur'an - A Pragmatic Study", which is the first study at the level of Palestine, and the third at the national level. Arabi.


In her published books, Abu Salah tried to translate the curricula of criticism and university ideas, and apply them to poems and novels. In the book "Critical Applications", she dealt with the semiotic approach in the poem "Qarnai" by Amr Bahaa El-Din Al-Amiri, and the poem "Do not flirt with trees until we return" by the poet Ezz El-Din Al-Manasrah, In addition to critical flashes in the poem Martyrs of the Intifada by the poet Fadwa Toukan, in addition to addressing the linguistic methods of criticism in the book "When the Air trembles" by the poet Alaa Al-Qatrawi.


The positive reaction in the twentieth century encouraged Abu Salah to write the second book entitled "Linguistic and Syntactic Brightnesses", in which it dealt with the Qur'anic readings, their source in the linguistic lesson, some grammatical issues on which scholars differed, and the fruits of the grammatical dispute over the Arabic language, as well as a brief about the linguists' positions on the subject. Abnormal Quranic readings.




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