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Muhammed alradeeh

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Emad/ Gaza - Samah Shaheen: When stone becomes the mother of invention, there are no obstacles left in front of the realization of the idea.


A Palestinian young man from the besieged Gaza Strip makes a water bike, using scrap iron and plastic, taking advantage of the quarantine period due to “Corona”, to record the first experience in this innovation for entertainment inside the Gaza Sea, and to rescue the drowned in less time.


Muhammad the infant, 24 years old, said in his interview with Amad Media that the beginning of his idea of making a water bike came during his constant going with his cousins to the sea of Beit Lahia, as they were swimming and fishing, but every time he sits in front of the beach without He does anything, especially since he cannot swim and fish, wait for them to come out of the sea and take the fish they have caught.


Muhammad started looking for an idea after he bet one of his relatives who can swim and dive in the sea, to make a fast machine that would help him reach farther than he can reach by swimming.


The infant added to "Amad Media", that he has a blacksmith's workshop, but work in it stopped due to the curfew in Gaza due to the "Corona" pandemic, so during that period he wanted to take advantage of the time, and work inside it by manufacturing a water bike.


He points out that, when he decided to implement the idea of a "water bike" he did not have enough money to manufacture it, so he started buying used plastic tubes from stores and scrap at a cheap price, and then he bought a bicycle that does not work, to use its external structure over the water bike that he will make, and then Keep collecting the simple tools that will make the bike.


In the manufacture of the water bike, the infant used iron and plastic parts from scrap, in addition to recycling other parts to make them usable again, and made some modifications and various spare parts to the bike, so that it floats and travels on water easily.


He pointed out that in light of the cessation of his work and the lack of his livelihood, and the continuation of the Israeli siege for 13 years, it took more than a week to manufacture the bike, at a cost of no more than $100, noting that the cost of using new, unused tools may reach about a thousand dollars.


He revealed that he helped 3 people who were stuck in the sea, by holding on to the body of the bike, which succeeded in pulling them to shore safely.


And about the difficulties he faced, he said that he faced many difficulties, including long-term power outages, lack of financial support, and his inability to buy a motor to work better, as the bike went through four trials, until it achieved this success after a year and a half, in entering a show the sea.


The infant shares with others the pleasure of trying it and entering the sea easily, as it was admired by a number of visitors who did not hesitate to try it and embark on the sea voyage.


The infant explained to "Amad Media" that the project could contribute to serving the municipalities in the Gaza Strip, in addition to serving the fishermen, so that it is mobile and quick to work.


He expresses his happiness after he won the bet with his relatives, and his success in entering the sea, defying his fears in swimming, which he has had since childhood to enter the sea.


The baby aspires to make a water bike that can carry five people or more, but he does not find any support from the institutions or the fishermen's union.


He calls on the supporting institutions to pay attention to all innovators in the Gaza Strip, pointing out that the innovator is trying to find solutions to the problems that his country suffers from, and everyone will benefit from this innovation.




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