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Dana Awartani

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Female
  • Born in: 1987
  • Age: 36
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Dana Awartani (born in 1987): She is a Saudi-Palestinian who was born and raised in the Saudi city of Jeddah, where she practices her work and hobbies these days.

Awartani graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins, London. She then obtained an MA in Traditional Arts from The Princess School, London. At the Princess School, she learned how to make stained glass, miniature painting, gilding and many diverse traditional techniques from cultures around the world. However, she couldn't get a degree in lighting there, so she searched and found a lady in Turkey to help her become a master in lighting.

the job
Awartani employs a variety of media in her work, including painting, mosaics, and sand mosaics. Her work is unique in that it seeks to fuse the traditional methods of Islamic art into a contemporary world. Her art is also rich in geometric motifs and the most intricate detailing, Dana often incorporating patterns of Islamic motifs. In addition to mixing motifs, Awartani performs lighting, tile, and woodwork work. She explores the relationship between geometry and nature, as well as how realities can be translated through art using geometric principles, and visualizes sacred language through a layered symbolic aesthetic. Her technique, which emerged more than 1,000 years ago as an alternative to the forbidden depiction of divine figures, is still practiced today, by specialists such as Dana.

Awartani sayings
Dana said on Arabs and Art: "We as Arabs grow up around this beautiful art. We are surrounded by it in every corner but we are not aware of it. You can see the architecture around you in mosques for example. I was looking for a path and after following and searching deep inside I felt inspired Until I found the answer.There is an inner and outer beauty that hides a story behind every curated piece, and there is no randomness when it comes to creating such pieces.
She said, “On Islamic Art,”: “First, Islamic art is not made just for the sake of making art. It is a sacred spiritual practice used as a way of worshiping God. He also teaches patience and respect and as an Islamic artist, my work is a form of prayer and dhikr. I need to be 100% focused and in a good mood to be able to do that, otherwise I can't."
As an artist, I'm always curious, always wanting to know more, and because of research and inspection, I'm constantly evolving. I am a tough critic. I push myself very hard, but I'm very happy with my progress
Once a journalist called me at an exhibition, and when he realized I wasn't fluent in Arabic, he used me as an example of why you shouldn't send Saudi girls to study abroad. This pissed me off. I really felt offended. Who am I because I lived and studied abroad. I speak a universal language. Even if you don't understand it, you can always appreciate its beauty. I believe in the beauty of art.



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