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Sanaa Qaddoura

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"I have always heard negative words that I will not get my chance as a refugee, but I have never found this matter an obstacle in my life. Prosperity is divided by God, and man must strive and persevere to obtain it."

With these words, Dr. Sana Fayez Kaddoura expressed to Al-Awda News Network after receiving the Women Pioneer Award for Excellence in Information and Communication Technology at the 25th International Conference for Women Leaders organized by the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute in the United Arab Emirates.

Sanaa Fayez Kaddoura, from the village of Suhmata, Acre district, Palestine. Born in the United Arab Emirates, she returned to Lebanon in her childhood, where she received her education from elementary school until her graduation from Beirut Arab University, majoring in "computer science." She later started her career in the UAE. She was nominated for this award by Zayed University, in which she holds the position of professor, as this award is given in view of the achievements and contributions of the candidate in the fields of research and teaching.

The award was handed over to Dr. Sana by Mayi Musk and Dr. Muhammad Al-Kindi, who were invited to hand over the awards to the candidates.

Maye Musk is considered a globally influential woman for her success as a woman in her field and for the success of her son, Elon Musk. Dr. Mohammed Al Kindi is the former Minister of Environment and Water in the UAE and an influential man of his many accomplishments.

Dr. Sana expressed in a message addressed to the youth in general and the Palestinian youth who have the issue in particular through Al-Awda News Network: Success is the fruit of hard work, perseverance and staying up late at night. Success does not come in vain and is not presented to anyone on a plate of gold. If we reflect on the stories of successful people throughout history, we will find that behind every success story there are years of effort.

The Palestinians should arm themselves with the flag. Academic degrees and scientific success is the most important password in life.

I also ask refugee young men and women to stop placing imaginary obstacles to their lives and success. I urge everyone to acquire academic degrees and develop themselves with the skills required in the labor market, and I urge them to choose their university majors carefully so that their skills put them on the path of development.

Regarding her future goals, Dr. Sana told Al-Awda News Network: My goal is to continue on the path I have drawn and to contribute more in my fields of work, which are teaching and scientific research. As a university teacher, I seek to continue imparting my knowledge and experience to university students with integrity and honesty. Teaching honestly is an important success for me. As a scientific researcher, I would like to gain more knowledge and use research in computer science to solve life's problems.

I conclude by saying that every person has a role to play in life. And mastery of work is success, regardless of the nature of the work or the task that we do. And I urge everyone to strive in the path of purpose and honesty in work, as they are the two main keys to achieving the demands.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Sana raised the number of awards she received during her educational and professional career to four awards, as her first award was the Gamal Abdel Nasser Award for Scientific Excellence, and the reason for her winning is that she was the first in her class when she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Beirut Arab University, then she won the best award. A teacher when she was working as a teacher at Beirut Arab University in Lebanon.

This year, she won two awards, the first is the Women's Pioneer Award for Excellence in Information and Communication Technology, and the second is the Young Researchers in Computer Science award from the International Venus Awards for Women Foundation.


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