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Fedaa Obaid

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Palestinian young woman Fidaa Obeid scrutinizes Quranic verses from an electronic copy of the Holy Qur’an written in Kufic script, before transcribing them onto large white papers. These papers will constitute, later in the year 2023, the first handwritten Qur’an in Kufic script in the Gaza Strip.
With great care, Obaid, 28, trained to write Quranic verses before reproducing them with this drawing from ancient and complex Arabic calligraphy.
This experience in writing is not the first of its kind, but rather an extension of a series of experiments that Obeid went through before she actually started writing parts of the Qur’an in Kufic drawing, about 3 years ago.
Obaid uses a ruler and a set of pens to write the words in Kufic script, giving each letter a certain length and width of several centimeters or less.
Obaid says that she estimates the size and length of the words relatively, so that they fit the words similar to them and transferred from the electronic Quran, which she obtained from a library in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, in 2019, as she did not find a copy of it in Palestine. After she finishes writing the words, she fills in the letter spaces with different colors to highlight them clearly.
The Kufic script, one of the oldest Arabic scripts, is believed to have originated in the seventh century AD in the city of Kufa in Iraq, and was used in writing the Qur’an in particular.

Majestic experience

The experience of copying the Holy Qur’an in Kufic script is the second of its kind in Obaid’s life, as she previously copied the Qur’an in Ottoman script during the period between the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2019. Obaid had the idea of copying the Qur’an when she was running a competition in the Qur’an at the level of the regions of the Gaza Strip.
In that competition, Obaid was asked a question stating, “The Qur’anic verse says: (On the day when their tongues and their hands will bear witness against them) .. What did you present to the Qur’an?”
Although Obaid memorized the Qur’an and won first place as the fastest memorizer in Gaza in 2012, this question fell like a thunderbolt on her and a state of silence prevailed at the time, according to her saying.
And she adds, "I was unable to answer that question, and it remained stuck in my mind until I started copying the Qur'an in the Ottoman script, for the first time in 2014."
And before the actual start of copying the Qur’an at that time, Obaid subjected herself to a period of training in Ottoman drawing and composition, which lasted about two years, before she embarked on the actual copying of the Qur’an.
She says about her first experience, "It was somewhat scary, as people usually question their daring to write the Qur'an, especially when it is a copy that will be approved for printing and publishing."
And she adds, “The main fear was to forget or make mistakes in writing some combinations of dots or letters.”
Copying one page used to take Obeid about a full week, but after the training, her rate of copying Qur’anic verses increased, as she used to complete an entire part in one day.
She points out that she succeeded in transforming "the fear she had at the beginning of writing into achievement."
And in 2019, the young woman Obaid handed over her first copy of the Qur’an, which she copied in the Ottoman drawing on A4 paper, to the Dar Al-Quran and Sunnah Association, which checked this work.
And she continues, saying: “The Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs in Gaza informed me that I am the first girl to copy the Qur’an with the Ottoman drawing.”
At that time, Obaid formed an inspiration for a group of girls who began copying and writing the Qur’an in their homes to confirm its memorization.
And she added that she had received, on social media, multiple messages from girls who started copying the Qur’an.
And based on her belief that “preserving, fixing and writing the Qur’an is a blessed matter and provides her with positive energy and success,” she decided to “re-copy it, but this time with Kufic drawing.”
When Obeid presented the idea to scholars of the Holy Qur’an in Gaza, and others, due to the difficulty of this type of calligraphy, she was not encouraged. However, she expressed confidence in her ability to do so, and in 2019 she began searching for a copy of the Qur’an in Kufic writing, until she found it in Baghdad.

"fun and blessing"

Immediately after obtaining the electronic copy, Obaid began to compare what was written inside it with the Holy Qur’an, and when she was sure of the correctness of what was stated in it, she began to practice drawing the letters.
This task was daunting for Obaid, but at the same time it was “enjoyable and full of blessings,” she said.
And she adds, "Writing letters in Kufic script, because it is not formed with dots or letters, is a bit cumbersome for those who do not know and are not used to this type of font."
The copy of the Qur’an written in kufic script, this time will be larger than the size of the Qur’an copied in the Ottoman script, with a length of one meter and a width of 70 centimeters.
In this Mushaf, every word abrogated in kufic script is superimposed with its interpretation in the Ottoman script attached to its own diacritics, in order to facilitate its reading. The young woman, Obaid, on the left and at the bottom of the page, allocated a space to copy the interpretation of the Qur’an by Imam “Ibn Katheer” of Damascus, but in the Ottoman drawing. It is scheduled that Obaid will finish copying this entire Qur’an later this year, expressing her hopes for printing and publishing it.


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