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Malek Ahmad Jamal

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 0
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The Palestinian student Malik Ahmed Jamal memorized the entire Holy Quran at Al-Furqan Center in the camp.

Malik, who attends twice a week at Al-Furqan Center for Quran Memorization in the camp, was born in 2004. He excels in his studies, as he studies at the Abbasiya Public School, and in the ninth grade official exams he got a very good grade. He is a skilled football player in the Al-Nahda Sports Club in the camp.

He also invested in the period of disruption due to the Corona virus, and his commitment to the house to speed up the completion of memorizing the Book of God.

Malik says that he loves to read the Qur’an very much, and that he memorized it in obedience to God, and out of honor and dutifulness to his parents. It is thanks to them that they encourage and motivate him to adhere to the Al-Furqan Center for Qur’an memorization of the First Qibla Endowment in Burj al-Shamali camp.

What does he want to study in the future?

He confirms that he will pursue his dream, to become a doctor to treat his Palestinian people, especially the poor among them.

It is reported that Malik's little brother, Anas Jamal, is also preparing himself to complete memorizing the Noble Qur’an within weeks from now.


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