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Saadi Abu Amra

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
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Saadi Abu Amra is the first deaf person to break into the “world of able-bodied people”
The first deaf graduate of a bachelor’s degree, and the first deaf teacher for specialized professional diploma students. These are some of the achievements of the thirty-year-old Saadi Abu Amra, who is also the first deaf person to obtain a master’s degree in Palestine, and the third in the Arab world. Abu Amra is the president of the Addameer Association for People with Hearing Disabilities in the Gaza Strip, and works as an hourly lecturer at the Islamic University of Gaza. But how was this young man able to face the obstacles on his way and achieve success? This is what he answers in his interview with the “Felesteen” newspaper. From the beginning of his educational career, Abu Amra decided to join institutions for able-bodied people, not those with disabilities, but he was rejected. Because he cannot hear, but his mother did not despair, and continued to insist on the school to accept him. Saadi was accepted into the first grade but failed. Because he did not listen to the teacher, he failed the fourth grade, and in high school he failed twice, and tried until he passed the third. He says: “At that time, there were no schools for people with hearing disabilities, so I had no choice but to study in schools for people with hearing disabilities,” noting that he had great difficulty absorbing information, so he relied mainly on reading the lips of the teacher and his friends, summarizing some of the students, and mainly relying on Books. Finally, Abu Amra reached the university level, but his request to join universities was rejected more than once, until Al-Aqsa University accepted him in the Department of Fine Arts, making him the first deaf person to study and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Palestine, and he was the first to call for a university diploma for people with hearing disabilities. Regarding the reason that prompted him to undergo postgraduate studies at the Islamic University of Gaza, he says: “I took the postgraduate exam because it is a dream and a goal that I want to achieve, and my field of work as a lecturer at the Islamic University pushes me to seek advancement and obtain postgraduate studies.” Abu Amra explains that he was born with a hearing disability. His deceased father, uncles, aunts, grandfather, and grandmother are deaf. He had a remnant of hearing ability when he was young, but as he grew older, this ability diminished, and now he hears very little using only headphones. “Abu Amra” has a story with marriage, as he went to the bride’s house and asked her directly from her father. The latter was surprised, but welcomed him and asked him to come the next day with his family. This was achieved and he married her, and he had four boys and a girl, all of them healthy. He points out that his most important goal in his life is to support people with hearing disabilities and their access to their rights in society, calling for allocating 5% of vacant jobs to people with disabilities. Abu Amra calls on the authorities, universities, and the Ministry of Education to prepare plans and strategies that help students with disabilities to study, and to prepare the specializations and places necessary for them, so that they can obtain prestigious jobs. The young man aspires to obtain a doctorate degree and learn the cultures of different countries. To be able to teach sign language all over the world.


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