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Mahmoud Barham

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Mahmoud Barham, the student, engineering at Birzeit University, in the occupied West Bank, succeeded in inventing a device that helps people with motor disabilities to walk and move, through a set of software associated with special orders and holes.
The engineer volunteered in the development of the device they called "Azar" from the principle of humanitarian support, and the use of technology and scientific expertise in the production and development of devices and products that contribute to the service of community judgment.
The "Azar" device helps what it forgot 50% of people with motor disabilities to walk naturally, and those responsible for it assert that it will contribute to a major revolution in their lives, as it performs distinguished functions with high technology.
The three inventors attribute the reason for their thinking about this apparatus for the presence of many disabilities in Palestinian society, most of them are caused by the practices of the Israeli occupation, injuries of live bullets and shrapnel of shells.
According to what Engineer Mohamed Barham, a spokesman for his colleagues, the device depends on the orders of the body that are collected through special sensors related to the legs, directly linked to a special programmer who takes this information from the sensors and turns it into orders.
He added that the device takes two forms, the first is for the elderly and those with partial disabilities, and it is mainly dependent on muscle -related horses, and another depends on complete programming specially prepared for people with total disabilities.
The inventors of the agency aspire to reach international competitions after winning three Palestinian competitions, and to provide local support to complete his long journey to enter the hospitals and try him on one of the two seats, and then adopt and produce him to see the light


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