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“Mohamed Ishaq” Adel Abdel Moneim Nasser El-Din

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1952
  • Age: 71
  • Curriculum vitae :


personal information:

Name: “Mohamed Ishaq” Adel Abdel Moneim Nasser El-Din.
Date of birth: 2/16/1952
Marital status: Married
Place of residence: Hebron - entrance to the city.
Tel: 022250595 / 022228754
Fax: 022299093
Mobile: 0599777906

current work:

President of the General Union of Workers in the Electricity Sector in Palestine and Chairman of the Executive Council.
Member of the Executive Council of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions.


industrial guideline.
General Electrical Diploma.
Principles and applications of insurance - Jordanian Federation of Insurance Companies and General Arab Insurance Federation.

Practical experiences :

He obtained a license to practice electricity in 1973.
Worked in the Jordanian Electricity Company for a year.
Working in the Israeli Electricity Company for a year.
Extension of government institutions, universities and street lighting in Jerusalem.
Electricity Supervisor in the Hebron Municipality for 35 years.
Branch manager of Al-Mashreq Insurance Company in Hebron.
Branch manager of Al Ahlia Insurance Group in Hebron.
Work in power generation stations, Electricity and Transformers Department at the Jordanian Electricity Company.
Work in customer services.
Working in switching stations, cables and high pressure.
High Voltage Networks Administrator.
Meter inspection and inspection officer.
Wiring inspection officer.
He obtained an insurance agent license in 1996.

Courses taken:

Administrative and behavioral skills course for management.
Effective communication skills course.
Supervision and guidance skills course.
Course on international rules and standards on the rule of law and human rights (High Commissioner).
Strategic planning course.
Worker culture course.
Extensions and meters inspection course.
Trade union organization course.
Good governance course in civil society institutions.
Inspection and maintenance course for high pressure equipment and control devices.

social activity:

Participation in preparing the Palestinian electricity code and having it approved by the Prime Minister.
Chairman of the examination committee to grant a license to practice the electricity profession.
Lecturer to prepare electricians for the profession practice exam.
Participation in preparing the electricity curriculum.
Participation in preparing the occupational health and safety book.
Member of the General Authority of the Patient’s Friends Association/Hebron.
Member of the General Body of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society/Hebron.
Creating memorandums of understanding between the General Union and energy suppliers and resolving disputes between licensed electricians, energy suppliers and citizens.
Participation in multiple workshops on alternative energy (wind energy and solar energy).
Participation in a workshop on the legal framework for the process of regulating the electric energy sector.

His role in the union:

He is one of the founders of the Electricians Union in Hebron Governorate.
He was elected for five consecutive elections and represented the Chairman of the Administrative Body of the Electricians Union in Hebron Governorate.
He was elected in the first session of the Federation of Trade Unions as President of the Conference of Palestinian Trade Unions and Vice President of the Executive Council.
He was elected in the second session as President of the General Electricity Union and Chairman of the Executive Council.



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