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Yahya Bilal Al-Hanbali

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One of the most important graduation requirements for any major is preparing a graduation project. The student often considers the graduation project to be the greatest challenge in his university life and his first step in professional life. However, some students come out with a project that is a source of pride for them, their university, and their country. How could it not be when it was published by one of the most famous international scientific journals? .

The two students, Yahya Bilal Al-Hanbali and Louay Jasser Al-Aker, graduated a short time ago from the specialty of human medicine at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences at An-Najah University in Nablus. They are 24 years old. They came out with a graduation project that represented scientific research on the subject of scoliosis and how to correct it, in order for their research to be published. A few days ago in the European Spine Journal, which is considered one of the most famous international scientific journals with an impact factor of (2.13).

The two students were assisted in their research by their colleague in the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Aisha Abdel Fattah Sobeih, who was a partner in the research but came up with a different graduation project. They were supervised by Dr. Alaa Azmi, a consultant pediatric orthopedic surgeon at An-Najah University Hospital and an assistant professor in the College of Medicine and Health Sciences at An-Najah University. National University, in addition to Dr. Zaher Nazzal, Director of the Al-Najah Institute for Childhood, who supervised the students in the field of data analysis and the statistical aspect of the research.

The research was titled “Growth modulation and remodeling by means of Posterior Tethering Technique for Correction of Early Onset Scoliosis with Thoracolumbar Kyphosis.”

(Correcting early scoliosis in children by correcting growth areas), as the research concerns scoliosis in children under the age of ten years and proving biological modification in the shape of the most deformed vertebra by correcting the growth of the vertebra.

Work on research

The idea of the research began when Dr. Azmi introduced a new modification in performing surgical operations on patients suffering from scoliosis in a process called Hybrid Rib Construct. This modification allows for the growth of the spine and lungs of patients undergoing surgery, in addition to correcting the curvature of the spine.

The research students worked on following up the 13 patients who underwent surgery with the new modification, and they worked on following them over a period of two years to complement previous follow-ups, noting that the research began in the summer of 2014.

The new research has proven that the deformed vertebra is growing and there is a change in growth and shape so that it approaches the natural shape of the vertebra, which was proven for the first time by a specific and clear measurement of the change in the dimensions of the vertebrae.

The research is global par excellence

The research prepared by the students is considered international par excellence. In addition to being the first of its kind using the new modification, it has been published in one of the most famous international scientific fields in this field. The research was also discussed at the SICOT Conference, which is an international scientific conference for orthopedic surgery in Rome. .

The process of publishing a scientific research in an international journal requires a number of procedures to ensure its validity and modernity. After submitting the publication request, the research was presented to international orthopedic surgeons as reviewers for the research. After going through the procedures and ensuring the magazine through its reviewers confirmed the quality, originality and modernity of the research, it was published in the magazine on 12/9. /2016, and if this indicates anything, it indicates that the research is global par excellence.

Dr. Azmi believes that this research is the result of the efforts of student researchers, and the most important thing that distinguishes it is that it is purely student-based and would serve as a model and incentive for their fellow students to publish research in various fields and in the most important international journals to raise their name and the name of their university and country high, stressing that this research only indicates the advanced level. And even the global level achieved by the students of An-Najah University, especially in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.


Both Yahya and Louay are working as internship doctors, after successfully passing their bachelor’s degree.

As for the future, Yahya aspires to continue his career as a surgeon, as he offers himself more than one choice between vascular surgery, plastic surgery, or orthopedic surgery. He is also currently working on another research in partnership with Columbia University in the United States on the subject of the spine, which is currently under study.

Louay aspires to continue his career and specialize in orthopedic surgery, about which he and his colleague wrote an international paper. Louay also completed research on correcting clubfoot for children and is awaiting approval to publish it in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.


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