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Akram Sabih

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
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After winning the gold medal in the Science and Technology Festival competition in Tunisia this month, Palestinian student Akram Osama Sobeih considered that every Palestinian who wins an international award is a messenger for Palestine and its cause who contributes to raising its name and proving that the Palestinians are a people worthy of having an entity and a state.

Sobeih stressed that his victory and every creative Palestinian’s victory is a confirmation of Palestine’s presence on the map of scientific research and technological progress and a continuation of the challenge it faces despite the presence of the occupation.

Sobeih won the award for his project called “Applying Deep Learning on Brain Activity Signals to Control Bionic Limbs with Human-like Performance,” which is one of the types of artificial intelligence to serve people with special needs who have lost their limbs to teach their prosthetic limbs the patterns of their electrical brain activity that accompanies movement. By wearing certain sensors on the head for a training period.

His project is to use artificial intelligence to understand the patterns of electrical activity in the brain that accompany movements to control prosthetic limbs, which is characterized by enabling people with disabilities to control their prosthetic limbs with near-natural performance.


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