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Raed Al-Sharha

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The limousine is no longer limited to large companies. There is a Palestinian living in the town of Dura in Hebron who made it from scratch using traditional and primitive tools. Rather, he added many improvements to it to coexist with the living conditions of Palestinians.
The Palestinian Raed Al-Sharha (46 years old) has a hobby of manufacturing vehicles. He mainly works in a construction company, and his mission is to innovate construction processes using modern methods and at the lowest costs. He took several months to study the structure of the American limousine and built it in just 20 days, he told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed. “It's easy and smooth.
The length of the vehicle reaches nine meters, which is longer than its counterparts in the Israeli occupation. In the design process, he relied on searching the Internet and collecting pictures of the vehicle, and he manufactured and installed the body within a record period, relying on parts and structures available in his town.
It was designed to cope with the road conditions in the occupied West Bank. It is distinguished from the American limousine in that it is able to climb the "industrial speed bumps" that are widely spread in the streets of the West Bank, as well as bypass potholes and difficult roads, and is able to carry large weights without being affected like its American counterpart. It is capable Over the competition, it has been modified in many capabilities and improvements in appearance with a Palestinian-Arab touch.
The hobby that turned into a Palestinian innovation leads the explanation to the task of registering it as a Palestinian patent, which gives him a foothold in the field of vehicle manufacturing, which may give Palestinians and Arabs the opportunity to advance in the field of vehicle manufacturing and innovation. He tells Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed that it is a task that is neither impossible nor complicated.
There are many ideas up his sleeve, and he is ready to teach the vehicle manufacturing process to many professionals who are trying to enter this field. He is capable of inventing a Palestinian-Arab vehicle with purely local manufacture, capable of registering the Arab and Palestinian identity on it in name, form and content, but the matter needs adoption and encouragement. An official that the explanation finds missing at the present time, although making limousines with a Palestinian identity is not a normal thing.
This matter, according to what he says, he sensed from the reaction of the Palestinian street when he gets into the limousine and heads to the city of Hebron. People’s reactions are very strong, and they show expressions of admiration and astonishment, especially since the Palestinian limousine is longer than the ones that the Palestinians know and see during the occupation.
Al-Sharha aspires to be encouraged and supported to create another purely Palestinian vehicle. He says that in the future, if he decides to create a car with a special Palestinian identity, he will take into account the notes he found in the limousine that he made from scratch, while he will once again create a classic vehicle that will be the most beautiful in the world. the world.
It is possible that the car shop’s hobby of manufacturing vehicles could turn into a source of livelihood for dozens of Palestinian families if this idea is invested in a vehicle factory, before this hobby is exploited by foreign companies looking for a new innovation that the car shop might own, in light of the lack of interest from companies and official bodies. Palestinians in this industry, which he says is not normal.


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