Success stories of Palestinian achievers from all over the world

Loujain Ahmad Suleiman

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Palestinian refugee students topped the lists of top secondary school certificate (baccalaureate) students after announcing their results in Syria, where the student “Tala Mahmoud Khalaf” got first place in Syria with a full score of 2900/2900, and she is from the Yarmouk camp, scientific branch, and the student “Qusay Mahmoud” won Abdullah, a resident of Yarmouk camp, ranked second in the literary branch at the national level.
The two Palestinian students, “Lujain Ahmed Suleiman” and “Lana Bashir Al-Khadra,” also took fourth place at the Damascus governorate level, with an equal grade of 2894 out of 2900, and the student, “Amjad Rustom,” achieved first place in the industrial secondary school at the Aleppo governorate level. He is from the Handarat camp in Aleppo. .
While the Palestinian students differed in grade results at the country level, including the student “Taqa Dawah” with a score of 2888 out of 2900, the student “Aya Akram Abbas” with a score of 2866 out of 2900, “Ahmed Ihsan Al-Husri” with a score of 237.8 out of 240, “Maryam Hegazy” with a score of 2880 out of 2900, “Lujain Nasser Muhammad” obtained a score of 235.5/240, the student “Moaz Qasim Al-Khatib” received a score of 2346 out of 2400, Najm Wael Hadid “received a score of 2861 out of 2900, and “Ahmed Imad Munawar” obtained a grade of 87/100 in the commercial secondary school certificate, “Abdul Rahman Tayseer Hadid” with a total of 235.2/240.
Palestinian students continue to succeed and excel in various branches and fields in Syria and the diaspora, despite the calamities of war they have experienced for 10 years, and the difficult living and economic conditions that Palestinians live in in Syria.


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