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Rashad Shawa

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1909
  • Age: 114
  • Curriculum vitae :


He was born in Gaza City in 1909 and died in August 1988 . [1]
His education [ edit ]
He received his education until high school in Gaza , then completed his higher education in politics and economics at the American University in Cairo in 1934 .
His functions [ edit ]
He served as mayor of Haifa in 1935 during the British occupation and served as mayor of Gaza from 1972 - 1975 during the Israeli occupation.
Who is he [ edit ]
He is a distinguished economic, political and social figure. His ideas and actions have had and continue to have a great impact on the lives of citizens in Gaza City.
His most important works [ edit ]
He founded the first sports club in 1934 , known as the Youth Welfare Center (currently Gaza Sports Club).
He founded the weekly newspaper Al-Watan Al-Arabi in 1950. He was its editor-in-chief and was assisted by Wadih Al-Tarazi and Ghaleb Al-Nashashibi . It continued for eight months.
In the seventies, he established the charitable organization that helped connect Gaza with Arab countries.
The Rashad Shawa Cultural Center was established in 1988 and is the first cultural center in Palestine.
He established the first cinema in Gaza, Al Samer Cinema, in the 1940s.
Establishment of the Prosthetics Center in 1975 , which works to solve the problems of the physically disabled.
Establishing a juice factory on the eastern line, which is currently called Salah El-Din Street.
His legacy in political work [ edit ]
He inherited his political career from his daughter, Rawiya Al-Shawa, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council elected for two terms. He has a nephew who held a ministry during the era of power, including the Ministry of Agriculture, and he also held several administrative positions.


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