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Aseel Al-Majdalawi

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The two students, Basma Moaza and Aseel Al-Majdalawi, from the twelfth grade at Al-Faluga Girls’ Secondary School in the North Gaza Education Directorate, participated in the Little Journalist Project in the State of Austria, by writing several articles in the English language that told about the suffering of the Palestinian people in general and the people of Gaza in particular.

The female students participated in the project through the school’s English language teacher, Iman Al-Borai, who had implemented an initiative to teach her female students the English language through several activities, including external communication with male and female teachers from Arab and foreign countries.

The two students, Basma and Aseel, have strong skills in the English language in conversation, reading, listening, and writing, and they have abilities in linguistic and expressive formulation in English, which qualified them to write and make their articles worthy of being published in blogs and websites for the project at the European level, as the two articles were published with pictures of the students and live, practical pictures of Palestinian life and the camps. .
The project blog enjoys a wide following from the European and Western community, especially since it publishes articles and writing from schools and local community institutions from various parts of the world.

Basma wrote an article entitled Gaza, the Past and the Future: “As a girl living in Gaza, I die every moment alongside a large number of goals that are not achieved by the occupation. Wars never end, like the roar of the occupation helicopter that does not let us sleep. Immigration and isolation from the homeland is a fire that does not know.” Nobody, but the homeland remains like a mother’s heart, we love it..”

Basma adds: “Despite all the dead dreams and misery, Gaza is still resisting to obtain its rights. Gaza creates and produces the best minds that carve the meaning of beautiful life, optimism and hope.”

Student Aseel wrote: “With every demolition of homes or theft of land, Palestine is ours and will remain ours, and Gaza from Palestine will remain steadfast despite the systematic killing practiced by the Zionist occupation. Gaza’s wound is steadily healing by raising the banner of resistance and freedom. We will learn and reach the peak.” The revolution will live in the doctor, the engineer, the writer’s pen, and the journalist’s lens.”

The project coordinator, the Austrian teacher Karen, praised the students’ performance and writing skills and said: “It must be reported that the texts are beautiful and have strong language, as they touch the heart.”

For her part, Teacher Al-Borai confirmed that the students of Palestine and Gaza are distinguished by their talents and creativity in many fields, including the field of the English language. Today, we see Basma and Aseel’s creativity in writing in the English language to convey the suffering of Gaza and convey the voice of Palestine to the world that there is life, steadfastness and challenge despite the pain and occupation.


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