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Baraa Asfour

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The Office of the Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs is responsible for achieving the vision of the Board of Directors of the Arab American University Company and the administration of the university through the President of the University in the administrative and financial aspects, setting the annual plan and preparing the budget. The Administrative and Financial Vice President is also responsible to the President of the University for all long-term financial and administrative issues and setting goals. And financial and administrative policies, programs, and practices at the company level, which ensures the company’s continually sound financial structure.

Essential tasks and responsibilities:
The Office of the Administrative and Financial Deputy supports human resources and the departments’ needs for improvement and development in an unconventional way, which helps create an environment that supports the expansion of the university’s activities and infrastructure, in addition to supervising work assignments and various vacations in line with applicable laws and regulations, supervising recruitment committees and determining the annual need for staff. Job vacancies, in addition to implementing accounting and financial policies and procedures related to the budget and tuition fees that ensure sound financial management and appropriate control of capital and operating expenditures. One of the office's goals is to introduce computerized systems to manage administrative processes, facilitate access to information, and maintain records in computerized administrative information systems.
Among the office's concerns is ensuring the quality of student service, providing an appropriate educational environment commensurate with advanced civilization, and implementing a training system for graduate students to help them acquire the necessary experience to facilitate obtaining job opportunities in the local and international market.
The Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs also performs advisory and administrative tasks in most of the committees formed by the administration to ensure integration in achieving the university’s vision and mission. In addition to linking shareholder relations with the company through annual and interim reports to shareholders and recommending new or revised policies or plans to the president when needed.
contact information: 
Phone number: 2418888-04 | Ext: 1002
Fax number: 2510875-04
Department of Administrative Affairs
Central Warehouse Department
Engineering and Maintenance Department
Department of finance
Human resources department
Internal Financial Audit Department
Liaison offices (Haifa, Rahat, and Majdal Shams - Palestinian territories within the Green Line, Amman - Jordan)
Department of Supplies and Purchases
University Security Department
Department of Sports Facilities
University clinic
Radio and Television Department
All administrative transactions related to the university and the company, including the appointment process and studying the university’s need for administrative employees, etc.
Following up on the university’s internal and external projects and developing a development plan for the university, especially in infrastructure, which makes the university in harmony with the requirements of modern life and the daily needs of students.
Communicating with the local community regarding financial and other relations, and working to find ways of logical cooperation between the university and the surrounding environment.
Communicating with the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research regarding financial transactions, student loans, and grants provided by the Ministry to students in need and prisoners.
Supervising and planning periodic Board of Directors meetings, submitting the necessary financial and administrative reports to the Board, and developing plans to increase the university’s readiness in these two directions.
Supervising and planning General Assembly meetings, submitting the necessary financial and administrative reports, and developing plans to develop the university.



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