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Rita Khaled Al-Asaad

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Despite all the difficulties that Palestinians faced and are facing in Syria, their limited financial capabilities, and the economic, living, and psychological pressures, a number of Palestinian male and female students achieved first places at the level of Syrian cities and governorates in the results of the general secondary school exams in its scientific and literary branches, first session 2019, the results of which were issued by the Syrian Ministry of Education. On Wednesday 10 July.

The Palestinian student Haneen Hussein, daughter of Yarmouk camp, won first place in the Damascus countryside governorate with a score of 2860, while Ahed Abdel Qader Asaad, daughter of Yarmouk camp, achieved second place in Damascus governorate and fourth place in Syria. As for Ola Diab, Ashmawy, daughter of Yarmouk Camp, was ranked among the top ten in the city of Damascus with a total of “2542” marks.

While the Palestinian student, Rita Khaled Al-Asaad, from the Al-Aedin camp in Hama, ranked second in the city of Hama in the high school results.

Many Palestinian refugees in Syria have recently emerged through their successes in the fields of learning and teaching, despite the catastrophic conditions in Syria due to the outbreak of war there. Many schools have stopped working, and the percentage of people who have the potential to learn has declined from 95%. Before the war, it fell to less than 75% in 2015.

In addition, UNICEF reported that the war has destroyed the educational system in Syria, as one out of every four schools was destroyed, damaged, or became used as a shelter for those fleeing, or was converted into a military building.



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