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Eman Abu Sabha

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Female
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The Palestinian girl, Iman Abu Sobha, did not give in to her motor disability, which she has suffered from since birth, and she insisted on taking her role in Palestinian society, believing that a person’s success lies in his effort, so she had a share in her name through memorizing the Holy Qur’an and dealing in her life normally with her surroundings.

Despite her disability, Iman (33 years old) was able to overcome her obstacles, which were her not enrolling in the preparatory stage, as a result of the difficulty of her movement and transportation to school, and the reluctance of schools at that time to accept people with special needs. She overcame all these obstacles and was able to memorize the entire Holy Quran.

Every morning, Iman leaves her house near the Khalid bin Al-Walid Mosque, west of Khan Yunis, crossing the sand that stands in her way, to reach the mosque with the help of a girl from the neighborhood, to begin the journey of memorizing the Holy Qur’an with approximately 50 girls from the same neighborhood.

Memorizing the Qur’an

Iman says to Al-Bayan: “I had a disability since birth, and I started my career joining the mosque to memorize the Book of God, after I lost my educational career due to the lack of integration of people with special needs in schools. So the mosque was my second home, and my beginning was difficult, and I began memorizing the Qur’an daily, one page after two pages, with suffering until To memorize the entire Holy Qur’an.

Iman volunteered at the mosque where she memorized the Qur’an, and joined a Holy Qur’an competition in the Gaza Strip, and won first place. After that, she was appointed to “unemployment” at the mosque, and she seeks to complete her studies and reach high school.

Iman's disability was from birth because her mother was nine months pregnant, and she visited the doctor as a result of her pain, and he prescribed her medication that later caused atrophy in Iman's body, a lack of calcium, and softness in the bones. That's when Iman began her suffering. When anyone touched her, her bones would break as a result of their softness. Her treatment trip in Egypt was unsuccessful.


Iman suffered a lot while memorizing the Holy Qur’an as a result of going to and leaving the mosque due to the rugged roads leading to the mosque. She was forced to seek the help of the neighborhood girls, and she continued on her path to success.

Iman lives her life normally. During the day, she is inside the mosque, then she leaves for the market, and she was able to graduate a group of female students who had memorized the entire Book of God. Iman launched her channel on the global YouTube website, in order to deliver her message to the world and the surrounding community, that people with disabilities have lost part of their organs, but they have not lost hope in life, and the educational process must continue.


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