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Aziz Shehadeh

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Aziz Shehadeh was born from the city of Bethlehem in 1912. He studied at Zion English School and obtained his secondary school certificate in 1928. He then joined the Youth College and obtained its certificate and two Oxford Cambridge exam certificates in 1929. Then he joined the Palestinian Law Institute and obtained his certificate in 1933. 1936 He obtained a law degree and opened an office in Jerusalem, then in Jaffa.

In 1933, he was an active member of the Executive Committee of the Arab Students Conference, then he worked as a lawyer there until 1948.
In the 1950s, he opened a law office in Ramallah, and one of his most common political opinions was his conviction, which he spoke out loud, which was that the ideal solution to the Palestinian issue could only come through direct dialogue between the parties, otherwise the Palestinian issue would be lost in the basements of politics.

After the Nakba of 1967 and the occupation of the rest of Palestine by Israeli forces, some Palestinian figures, led by Aziz Shehadeh, took the initiative to demand a solution to the issue based on the partition decision.
In 1986, an unknown hand reached out to him and killed him at the entrance to his house in Ramallah.

Among his works:

ABC in the Arab Palestine Case, translated into Spanish by lawyer Francis Abd Rabbo.


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