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Muhammad Al-Natsheh

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
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Once again, a Palestinian university team took the top spot in the Arabic programming competitions. The three students, Muhammad Shalodi, Khaled Al-Jubeh, and Muhammad Al-Natsheh, as part of the (7up) team from Palestine Polytechnic University, won first place in the programming competition for Arab universities on the Jordanian site.

This is Palestine's third participation in the Arab competition, which was held at the Ramada Hotel in Jordan and at the Conference Palace in Sharm El-Sheikh, in which 130 qualified teams participated, out of nearly 1,600 teams representing most Arab universities.

It is noteworthy that this competition is considered the largest and most important in the world, as it begins with local competitions in each participating country, and a regional competition is held among the participating Arab countries for the qualified teams, then the winning teams move on to the final global competition. In this competition, teams representing most universities in the world compete to solve a number of programming problems that represent complex life problems using computer programming for a period of five hours.


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