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Anas Taleb

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After the two friends, Muhammad Haniyeh and Anas Talib, graduated, they thought a lot about a project that would be a source of livelihood for them. They had no choice but to think of a distinctive economic idea that did not exist inside the besieged Gaza Strip, which was the creation of a discount card called (i luck). .

The (i Luck) card is considered the first of its kind in the State of Palestine in that it offers many available privileges and discounts, which is considered an important step in supporting the consumer and fighting unemployment for many segments of society, especially university graduates.

Despite its recent launch, this card has provided job opportunities through the shopping process for many people who were unemployed, in addition to increasing the number of customers of stores, restaurants and companies who deal with this card.

The holder of the i luck card, whose purchase price is 30 shekels, receives a group of discounts and offers from shop owners and companies that deal with the card within the Gaza Strip. The card has provided job opportunities for many unemployed people, through field marketing.

Talib says: “After a long thought, I worked with my friend Muhammad to think of an unconventional project in order to work on it and ensure its success, since traditional projects are widespread and have become useless as a result of the large number of competitors in those projects.”

Taleb continued, saying: “We thought of an idea that would be relevant to the economic conditions that the Gaza Strip is going through, and that project was the ‘i luck card’, which we launched in the middle of last December, noting that the beneficiaries of the card are a group of people, the seller, The marketer himself, the owner of the institution or company, and the buyer, indicating that the price of the card is 30 shekels.

In the same context, Haniyeh says: “The project that we launched has developed and we have worked to attract qualified designers and engineers, the number of whom has reached 12. The discount card includes all human life necessities, indicating that there are many establishments and companies that have been very welcoming in dealing with them. Because there are customers who tend to go to stores that deal with the discount system, the demand for stores that deal with the card is greater than others, especially in light of the difficult economic conditions that the Gaza Strip is experiencing.

Haniyeh stated that the discount process takes place when the customer presents the card during the payment process to the accountant inside the restaurant or institution covered by the card, and the accountant checks the name through the application on his phone, so the percentage of discount varies from one place to another, for example if the amount of the bill inside a restaurant is 100 shekels. The discount price is up to 25 shekels of the total invoice value.

Marketer Saadi Al-Jamal says: “This project gave me a job opportunity during my university vacation. It was fun working with a group of marketers who became my friends.”

For his part, Sally Al-Turk, who is responsible for marketers within the i Luck project, says: “As soon as we announced our need for marketers during the past months, many young men and women came forward to us, especially university students, and we chose 80 marketers from them to work with us.

Al-Turk continued, saying: “Most of the marketers who applied for work do not have sufficient experience in the marketing field, but we opened the door for them and gave them an opportunity to prove their abilities and unleash their energy, as each marketer receives a sum of money for marketing and selling one card, amounting to five shekels, in addition to This work provided marketers with an opportunity to contact and communicate with new customers and gained experience in dealing with embarrassing situations and how to overcome them.

Regarding the interaction of business owners with the card, Anwar Salha, a supermarket owner, says: “The discount process begins when the card holder comes to the supermarket and shows it to me, and then I check it through the application until it is confirmed whether it is valid or not.”

Salha stated that the discount is based on the volume of purchases made by the customer. For example, if the customer purchases purchases worth 100 shekels, he receives 10 shekels as a discount, indicating that the demand for the supermarket by customers increased proportionately after signing the agreement with the people who launched the the card.


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