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Ghadeer Al-Saqqa

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 0
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The two sisters, Ghadeer and Hadeel Al-Saqqa, from the Gaza Strip, each have a talent that distinguishes them from the other. Ghadeer donates in designing innovative educational methods, while Hadeel paints her feelings with distinctive paintings.

While studying basic education, Ghadeer went to a school for practical training like any student studying this major, but she found difficulties in traditional educational methods, so she invented educational methods that would attract the attention of students, and she achieved what she wanted... as she broke the barriers of fear between the student and himself and between the student and the subject. Educational.

Ghadeer was publishing her work as part of the “Play and Learn with Ghadeer” project on social media, where she found interest from people she did not expect, and she received the Entrepreneurial Women Award for the year 2018.

As for Hadeel, the beginning of her discovery of her talent was tragic, as it began with the martyrdom of her friend’s husband during the return marches in the Gaza Strip last year.

Whenever Hadeel looked at her friend’s infant son, she looked at the unknown fate that awaited him, and the condition of her friend and other girls who lost their husbands. So Hadeel expressed this sadness with an artistic painting in which she expressed that infant.

Then she painted paintings to express herself. She translated her inability to speak into artistic paintings. She used drawing as a means of expressing herself. I found her paintings on social media admired for the feelings they conveyed.


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