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Ismail Abdallatif Alashqar

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1962
  • Age: 54
  • Curriculum vitae :


Biographical Information
Born 1962
Married with 6 daughters and 1 son

Personal History
• Bachelor Degree in Engineering
• Engineer
• Former Chief Executive Officer of al-Nour Center for Research and Studies
• 1989-1996 - Member of Administrative Office of Hamas
• Member of Engineers Syndicate
• Member of the Board of the Islamic Society in Jabalia Camp
• Founding Member of Islamic Reformation Committee in Gaza
• Founding Member and acting Deputy Secretary General of al-Khalas National IslamicParty
• Member of Supreme Follow Up Committee of the National Islamic Forces
• Chairman of the Board of al-Risala Weekly Magazine
• Founder and President of Arabic Center for Research and Studies
• Member of HUSSAM Society
• Published several articles about the Intifada
• Detained for 5 years in Israeli prisons
• 1996 - Detained in Palestinian prisons
• 2004 - Brother was killed during the Jabalia invasion


Achievements and Awards

Notable Quotations
“The movement will cooperate with the international community to remove the occupation and the settlements and to insure a complete withdrawal from the land occupied in 1967, including occupied Jerusalem.” -- Saudi Press Agency, March 18, 2006

“Israel bears complete responsibility for this explosion, which was a missile fired from an Israeli planes on a car used by Hamas leaders during the parade” – on the explosion of a Hamas car inJabalia --, September 24, 2005 

“Haifa wasn’t hit since it was occupied in 1948, but now it is bombed by the Hizballah’s brave missiles. This is new element in the equation; therefore, we should expect the enemy to submit to the resistance’s demands.” -- Alalam, July 16, 2006

“We don’t have any problems with any country in the world. Our only problem is with the Zionist occupation.”
-- Alalam, May 20, 2006 “Abu Amar recognized the Zionist entity, and the result was that he was poisoned. We recognize the futility of any organization, including Hamas, recognizing the Zionist existence.” -- Alalam, May 20, 2006

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