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Mahmoud Daoud Alkhatib

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1972
  • Age: 44
  • Curriculum vitae :


Biographical Information:
• Born in 1972
• Father imprisoned by Israel for more than 21 years
Personal History:
• MA degree in Islamic Sharia.
• June 2005 - Participated in a shooting at a sports club in the Balata refugee camp when Ahmed Qureia was visiting.
• Arrested by Israel following Shalit abduction.


Achievements and Awards

Notable Quotations:

Officials live in luxury and we, the ones who gave so much to Palestine, have got nothing. I reached a point where I’m willing to kill so I can take back my rights, my father’s rights, and the rights of all those like us."
--TimesOnline, June 22, 2005.

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