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Loai Deeb

Личная информация

  • Страна местожительства: Norway
  • Пол: Male
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  • key_age: 46
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Born in 1975, a Palestinian lawyer who immigrated to Norway and there he began his political activities with the Norwegian Workers Party, a member of the local council of the Norwegian county of Sola, founding the International Network for Rights and Development.ـــ


Достижения и награды

In 2008, he and a number of his colleagues founded the "International Network for Rights and Development", its headquarters in Switzerland. At the end of 2013, translated, UK translated. It will be from 1st to 1st class.

He began to study rights and delve into international law, helped by his presence in Norway and a network of relationships of academics and lawyers who are friends with the Palestinian cause. He wrote several studies on settlement, water, gas, the concept of occupation in international law, and the Human Rights Council, as his writings coincided with an active human rights struggle in helping minorities and defending their rights in European countries and international institutions. He is a member of the Arab Lawyers Union in Cairo and a member of the International Bar Association in Paris and the International Bar Association of London.


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