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Sulafa Jad Allah

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Syria
  • Gender: Female
  • Born in: 1941
  • Age: 80
  • Curriculum vitae :


Sulafa Jadallah (1941-2002), a Palestinian photographer, born in the city of Nablus, grew up in a patriotism open to life. She studied at an Aisha school, and her passion for photography was her way to express her love, prompting her to take dozens of pictures of the city's details to make an integrated picture. It is worth noting that her older brother Rama Jadallah, who was one of the pioneers of photography in Palestine, where he started his career in the world of photography.Studio Ramaa presenting us a distinguished model in the art of photography. In the late fifties, Sulafa took the initiative with her brother Rama, who accompanied their love of photography, and some amateurs to form an association for the arts, and from here Sulafa launched in the early sixties, to be one of the first girls who aspired to complete their university education in the field of cinematography, and headed towards the Film Institute in Cairo , which was still in its infancy. Cinematography at that time was a rare and difficult profession, and Sulafa had to fight a battle against the patriarchal mentality that restricts this kind of artistic and professional specialization to men, but she was able to convince them of her ability and artistic merit.

Gadallah joined as a student at the Higher Institute of Cinema in Cairo, majoring in cinematography. Sulafa succeeded in gaining the trust of her teachers to be chosen to co-direct and shoot the Egyptian film “The Mountain”, with the well-known Egyptian director of photography, Waheed Farid, to graduate in 1964 from the Higher Institute of Cinema as the first Arab female cinematographer. She was among the first group to graduate from this specialty and worked after her graduation as a cinematographer at the Jordanian Ministry of Information, and she had a major role in establishing the modern Palestinian cinematic work.



Achievements and Awards

Filming the movie "The Mountain" with Waheed Farid.


The movie "No to a Peaceful Solution" with Mustafa Abu Ali, a 20-minute documentary, and considered the first film of the Palestinian revolution.

Its name was given to the award of the Fifth Women's Film Festival, which is granted by the Palestinian Screens Foundation, where it was awarded to the international Palestinian director Marise Gargour and the Lebanese director Nabiha Lutfi.

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