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Abdullah Daspoon

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1800
  • Age: 222
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Abd Allah Dasboun was born in Bethlehem, on October 26, 1776 and died in Moulins on November 22, 1859 His name was later made French as Abdallah Daspon was one of the Mamluks who served in the Imperial Guard of Napoleon Bonaparte


In 1834, after the invasion of Algeria, he was appointed consul of France in a camp with Emir Abdelkader and remained in his position until 1837.


Abdullah Daspoon was born in Bethlehem on October 26, 1776 into a Catholic family and was baptized in St. Catherine's Church on November 10. from the same year


He was the son of Michel Despon, the writer and owner of property in Bethlehem, and Wali Hanouche


Although his name was written in French on all the first official documents it was Despon, but there is a hypothesis that he belonged to the Hazboun family.


As for the Arabic title Abdullah, which a number of Christian Arabs carried until the end of the 19th century, it remained in its form in the French language


We do not know where Abdullah Despon learned French, but he was in Egypt when Napoleon Bonaparte arrived.


He enlisted in the French army at the age of 21 - on August 2, 1798 as a guide and translator - to command the staff of the Army of the East


Participated in the campaign battles in Egypt and Syria.


It was annexed in 1800 to the Syrian Janissaries


He arrived in France in November 1801 after the withdrawal of French forces from the Levant


Join the new military body known as the Mamluk Consular Guard.


He rose in military ranks and participated in the Napoleonic Wars in Europe to 1814


Partially demobilized, he participated in the Dutch Brigade to stand up to Napoleon in 1815, returning from exile, and then demobilized again.


In 1830 he participated in the French campaign against Egypt as a translator for the General Staff


In 1833 he was appointed commander of the Algerian city of Arzew and then consul of France in a camp with Emir Abdelkader and this until the year 1837


He returned to France to live in Paris and then in Moulins, where he died on November 22, 1859, at the age of 83


The documents and archives of Abdullah Despon are in the Museum of the City of Moulins


There is a Palestinian who joined the Mamluks of Napoleon and is known as Musa Zimmero Al-Kusa, whose name was later Frenchized to become Moise Zomero




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