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Muhammad Diaa al-Afifi

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1948
  • Age: 74
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Muhammad Diaa al-Afifi , his family forcibly expelled from the village by Israel in 1948, in Gaza . The “ immigrant ” was born in Gaza with a growing identity and after coming to Turkey to learn Muhammad Dia al-Afifi of Palestinian origin still lives here, and lives in the hope of peace returning to his country. In 1993, he came to Turkey to study at Marmara University in Istanbul , after graduating from the Faculty of Pharmacy , he married a Turkish girl, and since 2001 he began working in the field of pharmacy in Kütahya . Al-Afifi, the father of three Palestinian-born children, told the country about the difficulties of immigration .  He now holds the position of Vice PresidentThe Justice and Development Party in the Turkish state of Kütahya, the ruling party in Turkey, and at the same time the head of social affairs in the same party, the deputy head of the Humanitarian Relief, Human Rights and Freedoms (İHH) ( Turkish : insan hak ve hürriyetleri insani yardım vakfı ) in the state of Kütahya, the head The Association of Friends of the Palestinian People ( Turkish : Filistin Halk Dostları Derneği ), Vice President of the International Students Association (UÖD).

Turkey opened a bosom for us

Expressing that his parents immigrated from Al-Batani village to Gaza with their families while they were still children, Al-Afifi said that he was born as an “immigrant” with his nine brothers and said: “As a person who lived in Palestine until 1993, I could not go to other cities in Palestine like my mother could not go .” , so I could not continue my education. I just finished high school. It was very difficult to go to another city in Palestine, it was easier to go to another country. In fact, this was the goal of the Jews, to make people live in dungeons and make people gain another homeland. But now we continue to live with our Palestinian and immigrant identity.I came to Turkey to learn, Turkey opened a bosom for us.I graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Marmara University.I married a Turkish woman and run my own pharmacy in Kütahya .Since 2001. I still live here and I defend Turkey as a Turkish citizen who adopted the slogan of defending as a Palestinian citizen. Here we always try to support Palestine with the Turkish government.”

70% of the people of Gaza are immigrants

Noting that 70% of Gaza residents live as migrants, and his family continues to live there, Afifi continued: “Despite UN resolutions , so far no single possibility has been found for any Palestinian to return. We still have the keys to our homes and a document Own the ( Tabu ) we left behind. Because we didn't leave there. Until now, we live in the hope of returning to our village and home. We will continue to pass this hope on to our children and grandchildren by taking them from our parents. Even the Palestinian president must get permission from Israel to move from one city to another. In Palestine.Unfortunately people live this way.As a Palestinian I saw Jerusalem at the age of twelve, but it was not possible to go there again.We saw this persecutionFrom Israel and we still see him. However, we will continue to defend our homeland. We never left our homeland, nor do we plan to do so.”

It is customary in Palestine to be an immigrant

Al- Afifi stated that the population density is very high due to immigration to Gaza, and 1.5 million people live in Gaza with an area of 365 square kilometers, and about 6,000 people live within one square kilometer. Pointing out that immigration is a destiny in Palestine, Al-Afifi said: "Every Palestinian is born as an immigrant, grows with the burden of an immigrant, dies and leaves this immigration as an inheritance for others. Unfortunately, the identity used by the current Palestinian immigrants is provided by Israel. In return, it is sufficient for any immigrant to leave his village, Israel is trying to emigrate directly to other countries such as America , Canada , Australia . It is enough to leave Palestine and go. But we do not leave there. No one can choose his birthplace.and his sweat. This is God's test. We accept this as a test and continue to live this way.”

God willing, we will return to Palestine

Pointing out that he dreams of peace in Palestine again, and believes that this dream will come true one day, Al-Afifi said : " I, my wife and my children hope that peace will return to Palestine as soon as possible. We agree with my family on this matter. I hope that We will go back to Palestine, and we will go to my mother and father's village. God willing, we will have a house there to go on with our lives. If this does not happen to me in my life, then my will to my children will be this way, I will say: "Go to Palestine and continue your life in your home and in your village." Because the purpose of the Jews is to drive us out of our country, from our village. We will go back there sooner or later.” This is how it happens

The people of Kütahya have never been insensitive to Palestinian and Gaza issues

The head of the Association of Friends of the Palestinian People Muhammad Dia Al-Afifi stated that the people of Kütahya have never been insensitive to Palestinian issues and Gaza, and as Al-Afifi said, noting that Kütahya Park began operating in Gaza, “The residents of Kütahya and the municipality of Kütahya have never been insensitive to the cause of Palestine and Gaza  As we shared with you before, the citrus garden in Gaza was built with the project that was jointly implemented by the municipalities of Tausnli, Simav, Gediz, and especially the municipality of Kutahya, which It was followed by our association and carried out with the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency TİKA.At the same time a water well was openedThe irrigation system was purified and water was given to the area. Praise be to God, today we have a garden in Gaza called Kutahya Park. In this garden, labor is provided to produce the products and the people are fed from the product. I mean, good is taken over good, and certainly all our brothers from Kütahya have a share in this project. After the cooperation of the Kütahya municipality and the Turkish National Student Union (MTTB), Sheikh Abu Daabis , the former Mufti of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque, Sheikh Ikrima Sabri were invited to Kütahya. As a result of these visits and mutual dialogues, it was decided to support the cultural center, which is under construction in the Kafr Qasim area on the land of Palestine in 1948 AD, by the municipality of Kutahya, and as a result 150 thousand Turkish liras were savedTo build this cultural center in Palestine. The municipality of Kutahya has recognized two very valuable philanthropic works for the Palestinians and the Gaza region on behalf of the people of Kutahya. 185,000 Turkish liras support the construction of Kutahya Park, and 150,000 Turkish liras for the Palestinian Cultural Center.  As the Association of Friends of the Palestinian People, we would like to thank Kütahya , Kütahya Mayor Kamil Saraoglu, and Kütahya National Turkish Students Union MTTB President Jaber Keskin.” Thus spoke

Afifi and the Justice and Development Party

Kütahya State Justice and Development Party ( AKP) Chairman Sabahattin Ceyhun told Turkish Agency (İHA) that the party's regional administrative board has been set. "It is time for us to embark on the path of unity and solidarity with all of our organization. Now is the time to embrace more with our nation. I extend my gratitude to all of our colleagues who have served in our party since its inception," he said. Among the names of the Administrative Council, Muhammad Zia Al-Afifi was mentioned as the assistant president of the region , and at the same time he was the head of social affairs in the party.

Visit to the Elazig earthquake site

The earthquake shook the Turkish state of Elazig , then aid began to arrive from many Turkish states. From the first day, a delegation was sent by the head of the Justice and Development Party in the state of Kutahya that included women's branches, youth branches and served as the main stage.

Head of Social Affairs Mehmet Ziya Al-Afifi and Head of Public Relations Yusuf Alp Aslan, who went to the earthquake area as representatives of the Justice and Development Party in Kütahya State, met with the earthquake survivors and conveyed the greetings of the people of Kütahya. Afifi and Alp Aslan visited their organizations and other institutions in Elazig and Malatya and decided what to do.

 Al-Afifi's role with international students

As stated by the World Federation of Student Organizations (UDEF) ( Turkish : Uluslararası Öğrenci Dernekleri Federasyonu ): “International students from the Middle East assembled at the Haymana International Student Association Center ( Turkish : Hayme Ana Uluslararası Öğrenci Derneği ).” International students from the Middle East studying at Kütahya Dumlupinar University gathered at the Haymana Association for International Students (UÖD) Center. Vice President of UÖD Muhammed Dia Al-Afifi attended and participated in the event where they set up a meal consisting of the local " Kabsa " meal .



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