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Ahmed Hilmi Pasha

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Lebanon
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1882
  • Age: 140
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Ahmed Helmy Abdel-Baqi (1882-1963) was a Palestinian politician and economist, who headed the All-Palestine Government, which was established in 1948.


his life

Ahmed Helmy Abdel-Baqi was born in 1882 in the Lebanese city of Sidon to a father from the Palestinian city of Tulkarm of Albanian origin. Ahmed was born in Lebanon due to the fact that his father was serving in the military at the time there.


Ahmed Abdel-Baqi returned with his father to his city of Tulkarm, and there in the city he received his sciences in Arabic language and literature at the hands of the scholar Saeed Al-Karmi, which made him distinguished in this field to issue later a book of poetry entitled “Diwani”. Ahmed worked at the beginning of his youth at the Ottoman Agricultural Bank in The city of Tulkarm, as his father was an officer in the Ottoman army serving in the vicinity of Nablus.


Ahmed moved to Iraq during the First World War, where he commanded a contingent of volunteers from the Iraqi tribes that fought on the side of the Ottoman army. When Prince Faisal bin Al Hussein assumed power in (Northern) Syria, Ahmed Helmy was appointed Director General of the Ministry of Finance (1919-1920).


Ahmed Helmy and Saeed Al Karmi participated in a number of governments of the Emirate of Transjordan; Together, they participated in the first government of Ali Reda Al-Rikabi in 1922, the second Mazhar Raslan government in 1923, and the first government of Hassan Khaled Abu Al-Huda in 1923, so that Ahmed Helmy took over the finance portfolio, while Saeed Al-Karmi took over the judiciary and endowments portfolio.


In 1926, Ahmed Helmy went to Palestine and was appointed General Controller of the Islamic Endowments and resigned from his job in 1930 when he participated with Abdel Hamid Shoman in establishing the Arab Bank in Palestine. Palestine Home; They are Jerusalem, Gaza, Tulkarm, Nablus, Jaffa and Haifa. After that, he established the Agricultural Bank to provide farmers with agricultural loans, and the Nation Fund to save Arab lands threatened with seizure.


In 1936, he and some members of the Arab Higher Committee were exiled to the Seychelles after the killing of General Andrew, the governor of the Galilee Brigade. He returned and headed the All-Palestine Government in 1948.


His writings

Ahmed Helmy Abdel-Baqi wrote a poetry collection entitled “Diwani”, which was prepared and presented by the writer Ibrahim Nasrallah.


his own beads

He married the daughter of Rashid Hajj Ibrahim.


his death

Ahmed Abdel-Baqi died in the Lebanese city of Souk al-Gharb in June 1963, and his body was transferred to be buried in Jerusalem, where he was buried in the Temple Mount.




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