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Yousef Jabareen

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1972
  • Age: 50
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Youssef Tayseer Jabareen (Hebrew: יוסף תיסיר ג'בארין), (English: Yousef Jabareen) is a Palestinian politician and human rights academic. He was born on February 23, 1972 in the city of Umm al-Fahm in the Triangle area. He has held the position of deputy in the Israeli Knesset since March. 2015, a representative of the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality, within the Joint List, which brings together four parties active in Palestinian society in Israel.


Educational and academic upbringing

He was educated at “Ibn Khaldun” elementary school before joining the Saint Joseph-Al-Mutran seminary school in the city of Nazareth, where he was president of the student council in middle school and then in high school.


Jabareen moved on to his academic studies at the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and during his undergraduate years he was chairman of the Arab Student Committee at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and chairman of the Qatari Union of Arab University Students. He received a master's degree from the American University in Washington, and a master's degree from Catholic Georgetown University in Washington, with distinction.


He received many scholarships and academic awards, including the scholarship of the “Minerva” Center for Human Rights at the Hebrew University, the “Max Planck Institute” for International and Comparative Law at the University of Heidelberg in Germany, and the Higher Education Council’s scholarship for outstanding Arab lecturers. He also received several times the Certificate of Distinguished Lecturer from Haifa University and Tel-Hai Academic College.


Public and political activity

He worked for several years as a judicial advisor to the Association for Civil Rights in Israel and defended many Arab institutions and bodies (such as the National Committee of Arab Heads of Local Authorities and the Committee for Follow-up on Arab Education Issues) in several important petitions to the High Court of Justice, such as the issue of the status of the Arabic language on banners and the appropriate representation of Arabs in Public bodies in the state and issues of equality in the allocation of budgets.


During his years of study in Washington, he trained in several international institutions such as the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee and the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights in the United States.


Jabareen ran in the internal elections of the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality and won the fourth seat on the list and was the tenth candidate on the Joint List. He was elected in March 2015 as a Member of Parliament.


Professional and scientific achievements

At the end of 2006, he took the initiative, in cooperation with a group of Arab academics and activists, to establish the “Derasat” center - the Arab Center for Rights and Policies, as the first Arab center to study and analyze popular policies towards Arab society in the country, and to present professional alternatives and future visions. Jabareen wrote the legal chapter in the document “The Future Vision of the Palestinian Arabs in Israel” (2006) on the collective rights desired for the Arab minority, and the document “Equal Constitution for All” issued by the Mossawa Center in 2006. He published many scientific, legal and intellectual articles that deal with issues Human rights in general and the rights of national and indigenous minorities in particular, internationally and locally. He also participates annually in many international scientific and political conferences on these issues.


In addition to academic work and research and scientific writing, Jabareen wrote many press articles in which he touched on a number of political and social issues and some issues related to his professional competence.


Democratic Front for Peace and Equality


Logo of the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality

The Democratic Front for Peace and Equality is a political body in Israel, founded in 1975, after large popular protests such as Land Day 1976, conditions ripened to unite popular bodies fighting for peace, equality and social justice. These bodies were:


The Israeli Communist Party.

Popular circles and local personalities numbered thousands.

Black Panther movement.

The Druze Initiative Committee, which emphasizes the Arab affiliation of the Druze and rejects compulsory military service.

Association of undergraduates and secondary school teachers.

The front is the first to call for the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. It calls for a just solution to the refugee issue in accordance with United Nations resolutions. It calls for recognition of Arab citizens as a national minority, national equality, and civil equality for Arab citizens with Jewish citizens. She fights for social justice and women's equality.


The Democratic Front won five parliamentary seats in 1977, and four seats in the eighties, and three seats in the majority of elections since 1992, and in 2009 it jumped to four seats that it kept in the 2013 elections. In the last Histadrut elections 2012, it achieved The Democratic Front for Peace and Equality achieved unprecedented achievements since the 1950s, as it obtained the presidency of workers’ councils in the Nazareth and the Triangle regions, and the presidency of the women’s organization Neamat in Nazareth, the Triangle, Shafa’amr, and Al-Batuf, after the Labor Party controlled these sites from the founding of the Histadrut until 2012. Despite these electoral achievements However, the local fronts received severe blows in the local elections (2013-2014), where the municipality of Nazareth lost, although it maintained the first force in terms of membership (eight out of 19 members of the municipal council).




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