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Sameer Zaid Al-Rifai

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1966
  • Age: 57
  • Curriculum vitae :


Samir Zaid Al-Rifai (July 1, 1966) is a Jordanian politician and former prime minister, born in Amman. He worked in several positions, including Secretary General of the Royal Hashemite Court and Minister of the Royal Court. He also worked as CEO of Dubai Capital. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jordan Dubai for Energy and Infrastructure Investments, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jordan Dubai for Financial Investments, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank. He was also a member of the twenty-sixth Senate.

The government submitted its resignation following long popular protests against his government's economic and political policies. The government came up with an electoral law that appeared through what was known as the phantom electoral districts, which was widely criticized.

On June 10, 2021; King Abdullah II assigned him on the occasion of the second centenary of the Jordanian state to chair the (Royal Committee for the Modernization of the Political System), whose mission is to develop a new draft law for elections and a new draft law for political parties, to consider constitutional amendments related to the two laws and the mechanisms of parliamentary work, to present recommendations related to the development of legislation regulating local administration, and to expand The basis for participation in decision-making, and the creation of a legislative and political environment that guarantees the role of youth and women in public life.

his family
He belongs to a Jordanian family with a long history in politics and economics. His father is the former Speaker of the Senate, Zaid Al-Rifai, who previously held the position of Prime Minister. His grandfather is Samir Al-Rifai, who witnessed the stages of building the state since the beginning of the twentieth century and assumed the presidency of the Council of Ministers.
He is married and has three children.

His study and education
He graduated from Deerfield Academy in the United States in 1984. He also obtained a BA in Middle Eastern Studies from Harvard University in 1988, and a MA in International Relations from the University of Cambridge.

his working life
He worked from 1988 until 1997 as an assistant to the Chief of Royal Ceremonies, after which he worked as director of the private office and director of the office of Crown Prince Hassan bin Talal, until 1999 when King Abdullah II appointed him Secretary-General of the Royal Court. He also managed the media office and the public relations department. of King Abdullah II until 2003 when he was appointed Minister of Court and Head of the Royal Court, and he continued in this position until April 2005 when he was appointed Advisor to the King, which he held until the end of the year. At the end of 2005, he was appointed CEO of the “Jordan Dubai Capital Company”, and he continued to hold this position until he was assigned to form the Jordanian government. On May 13, 2009, he was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Industrial Development Bank.
On December 9, 2009, King Abdullah II appointed him Prime Minister and assigned him to form the government. On November 22, 2010, the king reassigned him to form the new government, which followed the elections for the House of Representatives, and the government was formed on November 24, 2010. He resigned from his post on February 1, 2011, and sources attributed this to the outbreak of protests for several weeks against his government's economic policies, before his resignation, in addition to calling for reform. While King Abdullah II expressed his thanks to Samir Zaid Al-Rifai and his ministerial team for their efforts in assuming responsibility for their tasks.



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