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Ahmad Al-Taibi

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Ahmad Kamel Ahmad Tibi (Hebrew: אחמד טיבי‎) (born December 19, 1958 in Taybeh), a Palestinian physician and politician, leader of the Arab Movement for Change, and a member of the Israeli Parliament «Knesset» since 1999. From 1993-1999 he served as an advisor to the Palestinian President The late Yasser Arafat, “For the Affairs of the Arab Minority in Israel.”

Upbringing, education and family life
Al-Tibi was born to a father from Jaffa and a mother from Ramla. His family took refuge in the 1948 war in al-Taybeh. He is the second among his six brothers, the eldest of the three male children. He received his secondary education in the city of Taybeh, then studied medicine at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is married to Dr. Mai al-Tibi, born in Tulkarm, with whom he has two daughters.

political activity
Tibi identifies himself as a Palestinian-Arab, and calls for changing the nature of the State of Israel from a Jewish state to “a state of all its nationalities” and an ethnic democracy to a multicultural one. He said on more than one occasion that Israel cannot define itself as a “Jewish and democratic” state, since there is a contradiction between these two values. “It cannot be democratic and prefer one group of citizens over another on the basis of ethnicity.” The contradiction is that Israel is "a state that is democratic towards the Jews and Jewish towards the Arabs."

The Arab Movement for Change
The party was founded in 1996 by Dr. Ahmed Al-Tibi and a number of Palestinian intellectuals and activists from the Arabs of the interior. After requesting the resignation of President Yasser Arafat, despite his reservations about the request at the time, the Israeli right questioned Dr. Tibi's loyalty to the State of Israel, as he had assumed the position of advisor to the President of the Palestinian Authority. By withdrawing before the elections, due to the movement's leadership's suspicions that it would not exceed the threshold and that the Arab vote would be wasted, so the leadership preferred to take the decision to withdraw out of commitment to the interest of the Arab masses in Israel.

In the elections for the fifteenth session of the Knesset in 1999, the Arab Movement for Change ran in the elections as part of a coalition list with the National Democratic Assembly Party. The list at that time won two seats, and the Arab Movement for Change represented a seat through its president, Dr. Ahmed Tibi. As a result of disagreements with the leadership of the Tagammu Party, the Arab Movement for Change split from the coalition bloc in the Knesset.

The Israeli Central Elections Commission disqualified Dr. Ahmad al-Tibi from running in the sixteenth round of elections in 2003 on charges of supporting terrorism, supporting the Intifada, and harming Israel's reputation in the world in the media, but he went to the Supreme Court and succeeded in annulling the decision. Thus, the Arab Movement for Change ran the elections on an alliance list with the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality party, and won 3 seats at that time, including a seat for the Arab Movement for Change.

In the elections of the seventeenth session in 2006, an alliance was concluded between the Arab Movement for Change and the Unified List, which includes the Islamic Movement, the Arab Democratic Party and the Arab National Party. Arabic for change. The elections for the eighteenth session 2009 and the elections for the nineteenth session 2013 also ran within this coalition list. Until now, the Arab Movement for Change is still within this coalition list, which and its leadership always seeks to expand its coalition to include all the political components of the Arab masses in Israel.

Political and field achievement
Although the Arab Knesset members remained in the ranks of the opposition, this did not prevent Dr. Ahmed Tibi from legislating and achieving in favor of the Arab minority in Israel and exploiting his position and recruiting them to serve the members of the Arab minority inside, so he was chosen several times as the most active member of the Knesset and as the first political figure over the course of several years, due to his activity And his tireless work for the benefit of the Arab masses at home, and Tibi was able to legislate several laws, the most important of which are:

Allied Medical Professions Law
Traveler Compensation Act
Laws to disintegrate villages that have caused harm to their citizens
Bodyguard Law
The law abolishing the purchase of lottery tickets for minors
Warning Act on Food Products
The Parliamentary Committee for the Absorption of Arabs in the Public Sector - headed by Tibi
He was elected in many opinion polls as the most prominent and best Arab Knesset member and the most active Knesset member in general. He is considered a brilliant parliamentarian in the Knesset, and he was the first Arab member of the Knesset to succeed in enacting four laws during the sixteenth and seventeenth sessions as well. One of the most prominent specialists in the Arab world in Israeli affairs and politics, and is considered a distinguished reference in this field. Parliamentary journalists chose him as the best orator in parliament, among Jews and Arabs alike. At the Wye River summit, he served as the official spokesperson for the Palestinian delegation, and everyone recognized his outstanding performance at the time.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Tibi strives to expose and fight racism and discrimination against members of his minority, and to expose the crimes of the Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Many recognize his success in this context due to his ability to deal with the media, and his awareness of its importance as the most effective means of communication in addressing public opinion and addressing the other. He was described as "a tall Palestinian who does not lower his head, but rather addresses the majority at the level of the eyes." He is proud of being Palestinian, saying, "I do not claim that we are the best people in the world, but from my point of view, there is no better people than the Palestinian people. If I were to choose again, I would never choose to be Palestinian."

Adviser to Yasser Arafat
Dr. Ahmad Tibi held the position of political advisor to President Yasser Arafat, which aroused the grudge of many Israelis against him, who tried to enact a law, later called “Tibi’s Law”, whereby any Arab citizen is prohibited from working with the Palestinian Authority and its various bodies.



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