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Hassan Khreisheh

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Hasan Abd al-Fattah Abd al-Halim Khreisheh (born March 20, 1955 in Tulkarm) is a Palestinian politician and parliamentarian. He holds the position of Vice-President of the Palestinian Legislative Council, and he previously held the position of President of the Palestinian Legislative Council. He is known for his positions rejecting the Israeli-Palestinian negotiation approach, as well as his exposure of corruption files. He is an independent Palestinian political figure who enjoys the support of Fatah and Hamas.

His upbringing and education
Hassan Abdel Fattah Abdel Halim Khreisha was born in the city of Tulkarm in the West Bank on March 20, 1955, and he is the fifth son of a family consisting of seven brothers. He received his primary, preparatory, and secondary education in the schools of his hometown, Tulkarem, and finished high school in 1967 from the city's prestigious Fadhiliya Secondary School. In 1980, he obtained a bachelor's degree in medicine from King Edward University in Pakistan, then a master's degree in obstetrics and gynecology from Trinity College in Ireland in 1983. Khreisha was called "Abu Rafeeq".

his working life
He returned to Palestine in 1980 and worked as a doctor at Al-Mutalaa Hospital in Jerusalem until 1982, then worked as a doctor at the Zarqa National Hospital in Jordan, where he was prohibited from working in government hospitals, and was arrested in Jordan in mid-1983 to be deported to the Palestinian territories and transferred to Nablus Central Prison He was released from Israeli prisons at the beginning of 1986. During this period, he married a dentist from the city of Tulkarem. It was not long until the first Intifada broke out in 1987. Hassan Khreisheh played his role in treating the wounded of the Intifada in the camps of the city and the neighboring villages, only to be arrested again in 1988 and left with Beginning in 1990, he continued his work as a mobile doctor between different villages, and at the same time he was following up on organizational activities.

Upon the advent of the Palestinian Authority, Hassan Khreisheh worked in Ramallah Governmental Hospital and then in Jericho Hospital. The situation did not last long as there was preparation for the Palestinian legislative elections, so he submitted his resignation from the Ministry of Health to run for the Palestinian Legislative Council elections.

He won the first legislative council elections in 1996
He was elected as a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council after the Palestinian general elections in 1996, when he obtained 8,154 votes in the Tulkarm district.

Hassan Khreisheh ran for the Palestinian Legislative Council elections in 1996, and his electoral program focused on daily life issues and the general concerns of the Palestinian citizen.

Hassan Khreisheh assumed the chairmanship of the Oversight and Human Rights Committee in the Legislative Council, and was a member of the Political Committee in the Council, and head of a number of investigation committees such as the teachers’ file, the International Bank of Palestine, the Egyptian cement file, and the flour file, as well as the parliamentary investigation committee into the corruption file in the authority, and head of For commissions of inquiry on the issue of public freedoms and political detainees, and the deceased in the prisons of the Authority.

Hasan Khreisheh achieved a success to be reckoned with and for the participating citizens in confronting the crushers project that is intended to be set up by the retired Israeli generals and their companies in partnership with some Palestinians, as well as thwarting the other crushers project between Jayyous and Kafr Jamal as it is an Israeli project that has some Arabic names, and he and his colleagues in the council challenged the use of his logic Azzun and the Jayyus landfill for the toxic materials that the Israelis dumped there.

On the popular level, Hasan Khreisheh collected the signatures of more than 6,000 citizens in the city of Tulkarm, calling for keeping Helmy Hanoun as mayor of Tulkarm, as he was elected and has a full quorum to run the municipality, in rejection of the appointment policy that was used to replace mayors away from the legitimacy of some, and was the first This is the first time that a mass demonstration is held against this approach, as well as the first time that a minister in power is questioned by the Legislative Council, as Saeb Erekat was the Minister of Local Government at that stage.

Since March 10, 2004, Khreisheh has held the position of Vice-President of the Palestinian Legislative Council; On that day, the members of the Legislative Council elected Rawhi Fattouh as Speaker of the Legislative Council to succeed Rafiq Natsheh. Hassan Khreisheh was elected as Vice-President of the Legislative Council. Although Khreisheh was an independent candidate, he defeated the Fatah candidate for this position. Where the representatives of the Fatah movement and the representatives of the rest of the parties voted for Khreisha.

Assuming the position of President of the Palestinian Legislative Council
Hassan Khreisheh assumed the position of Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council on November 11, 2004, following the death of Palestinian President Yasser Arafat.

His candidacy for the Palestinian presidential elections 2005
His colleagues officially nominated him for the Palestinian presidential elections in 2005, and accordingly, on December 2, 2004, the Speaker of the Legislative Council, Hassan Khreisheh, announced his candidacy for the presidential elections, during a press conference he held in this regard, but on December 8, 2004 he announced his withdrawal from the presidential race for political, national and personal considerations.

On January 15, 2005, the elected Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, was sworn in before the President of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Hassan Khreisheh, in the presence of Rawhi Fattouh, President of the Palestinian National Authority. Thus, the process of transferring and handing over the presidency of the Palestinian Authority to the elected Palestinian president took place, with Rawhi Fattouh as President of the Palestinian Legislative Council, and Khreisheh as Vice-President of the Council.

He won the second legislative council elections in 2006
Hassan Khreisheh once again participated in the elections of the Palestinian Legislative Council, where he was elected and won for the second time as an independent deputy from Tulkarm Governorate in 2006. He again assumed the position of Vice-President of the Legislative Council, headed the popular campaign for national reconciliation, and delivered proposals for reconciliation to both Hamas and Fatah leaders. With his resignation from the office of the presidency, through a press conference broadcast live, in which he said that it was the result of the failure to bring together the two sides of the division to convene the sessions of the Legislative Council.

other positions
Member of the Palestinian National Council in the Palestine Liberation Organization.
Member of the Palestinian Central Council of the Palestine Liberation Organization.
Member of the Democratic Alliance bloc in the first legislative council.
Member of the Executive Committee of the Association of International Parliamentarians Defenders of the Palestinian Cause, based in Beirut.
Vice-Chairman of the Political Committee of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly.
Chairman of the Oversight and Human Rights Committee in the Legislative Council.
Chairman of the investigation committees in the Legislative Council.
Founder and Secretary General of the “Watan Movement”, a political movement registered as a partisan body, which includes a number of politicians and former representatives of the Democratic Alliance bloc. This movement participated in the Palestinian local elections in a number of locations, and in some of them won members of local councils.


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