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Tawfiq Abu Al-Huda

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1894
  • Age: 129
  • Curriculum vitae :


Tawfiq Abu Al-Huda Al-Taji Al-Farouqi was born in the city of Acre in 1894 and from a well-known family whose origins are from Ramla in Palestine. He was appointed to the position of Prime Minister 12 times in Jordan during the era of three kings: King Abdullah I bin Al-Hussein, King Talal bin Abdullah and King Hussein bin Talal . He received his primary education in Ramleh and secondary school in Beirut. He joined the Royal Office in Istanbul and studied law for three years. In 1915 he was called up for military service and appointed as a reserve officer. He served as a commissioner of accounts on the fronts of Iraq, Iran and Aleppo until the Ottoman forces withdrew from Syria in October 1918. He was appointed as a clerk at the School of Law in internal Syria and continued to serve there until after the French takeover of Damascus by about two years (1919-1922). Then Tawfiq Abu Al-Huda moved from Damascus to Amman in 1922 and was appointed Director of Revenues. During the six years, Abu Al-Huda was able to quickly move up the ladder of responsible positions, from Director of Revenues to Director of General Accounting, then Director of the Land Registration Department, and a member of the Executive Council in 1928 to That he was appointed Secretary General of the Government in 1929 and assumed the presidency of the Executive Council in September 1938 and assumed the position of prime minister several times, the second of which was on August 6, 1939 and the tenth on September 30, 1952.



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