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Sawsan Shebli

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Sawsan Shibli (July 26, 1978 - until now) is a professor of political science with Palestinian origin and German nationality. She recently became the first spokesperson for the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, making her the first Arab and second Muslim to hold an important position in the new German government. In the period between (2010 - 2014) one of the main speakers for cultural affairs in the Berlin Senate Department for Interior and Sports.

her life
Childhood and education
Shibli was born in Berlin on July 26, 1978, to an immigrant Palestinian family who was residing in Lebanon. She is considered the second youngest child in the family. Shabli grew up in difficult living conditions. Her family emigrated from their original home (in the village of Khalisah in Palestine) after the 1948 war, and moved to live in The village of Burj al-Barajneh in Lebanon, and at the beginning of the seventies of the twentieth century, her family, consisting of 15 members, emigrated from Lebanon and went to live in West Berlin in Germany.

According to German media, Shalaby grew up in difficult circumstances in Germany, as she remained without nationality and without permanent residence papers, and obtained German citizenship in 1993 at the age of fifteen, and she also lacked the support of her parents in her academic course because they were illiterate and spoke only In the Arabic language, she was also ranked 11th out of 12 brothers and sisters. Despite this, she was able to overcome the harsh conditions and was able to obtain a high school diploma. She joined the Sur Otto Institute of the Free University of Berlin, where she studied political science, and was interested in international relations during her studies and graduated from it. In 2004, the ideal model for Shalaby was her older brother, who works as an imam in Sweden and advises the local authorities there on issues of integration into society.

Shalaby mentioned that her choice of majoring in political science was not a coincidence, as she was raised as a Palestinian refugee, and she realized from a young age how politics can contribute to shaping the fate of an entire family.

her political life
After her graduation in 2004, Shalaby worked in various jobs, the most important of which were her work at the Associate Research Center in the German Parliament, and her work as office manager for Johannes Jung. In 2009 she participated in the Security Conference in Munich.

Shalaby belongs to the German Social Democratic Party, and participated in the establishment of the party's parliamentary group in the German Parliament (Bundestag).

In March of 2010, she was appointed as the head of the Department of Intercultural Dialogue at the Minister of the Interior of the local government in the German state of Berlin, and she was the first woman of foreign origin to hold this position. By supervising the Islam Conference in Germany, especially with regard to aspects related to the policy of Muslim integration in Berlin.

On January 25, 2014, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier appointed her as the new spokeswoman for the German Foreign Ministry and deputy main spokesperson for the German Foreign Ministry. To be more influential in favor of immigrants and improve their level.

of her sayings
“I cannot say that all Arab and Turkish immigrants are useless and only receive government aid. These are a minority, but there is a majority that works, learns, and pays taxes, and the few Germans focus on the few negative immigrants.”


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