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Abdel Moneim Al-Refai

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1917
  • Age: 106
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Abdel Moneim Talib Ahmed Al-Rifai (February 23, 1917 - October 17, 1985) was a Jordanian politician and poet of Palestinian origin.

his political functions
In 1956 he became the first permanent representative of Jordan to the United Nations. He also served as Jordan's ambassador to a number of countries, including the United States, Lebanon, the United Kingdom, and Egypt. He also served as his country's delegate to the Arab League. Then he assumed the premiership in two terms (March-August 1969) and (June-September 1970), and he also worked as Minister of Foreign Affairs in the two governments of his predecessor, Bahjat Al-Talhouni. He is the father of the diplomat, Omar Al-Rifai, and his wife, Nahla Al-Qudsi, whom he later married to the musician, Mohamed Abdel-Wahhab.

He composed the national anthem of Jordan (Jordanian Royal Peace). He also wrote many poems, including a group he sang, and composed by Muhammad Abdel Wahhab, which is Najwa, Ya Sari, and Al Shaheed.

Among his poems is the poem "Oh Sari", which was sung by Mohamed Abdel Wahhab:
O sari to the path of the Prophet and save the usurped country
Is there any of our flags on the desert when the sun rises and the planet descends?
They have captivated us, the lord of a wild pony whose response to the enemy is the cunning of the fox
We rose up, and when we saw a cry of vengeance and a wave of anger
The soldiers marched, and the time had come, and the spacious field was yesterday and tomorrow
And the range is a heart, an eye, a hand, and the fragrance is fragrant redemption
And it resounded in its turbulent horizon, and Palestine was on every mouth
The echo meets it in the range and leads it to a greater horizon
So we set out behind the dimensions of the Mona in the noisy, raging field
We are your revolutionaries, we came to ransom your precious grief with bloodshed
We turned all the cream of belonging to the covenant and shook the flag
We seek your glory on earth and sky, and glory under the shadows of the procession


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