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Musa Hudayb

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Sheikh Musa Hudayb was the head of the Farmers' Party in Mount Hebron and the founder of the Islamic National Societies supported by the Zionists. He was from the village of Al-Dawayima, near Hebron.

In October 1929, Musa Hudayb was murdered near the Hebron Gate in Jerusalem after being accused of collaborating with the Zionists. His killers were never caught, but both his family and the Zionist executive claimed that followers of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Supreme Islamic Council leader Amin al-Husayni were responsible. According to the Zionist intelligence, they were 3 men dressed as women, from the Maraka family in Hebron.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported that the incident took place on October 13, 1929, explaining, “Today there was a great uproar in Jerusalem over the murder of Musa Hudayb, an Arab from a village near Hebron, at the Hebron Gate... This Arab is supposed to be the victim of internal political enmities between the Arab factions, The murdered man is supposed to have been active in propaganda against the Grand Mufti.” Another article of 22 October 1929 described the incident as a bloody feud "between the family of the late Musa Hudayb, founder of the Arab Ministers' Party and opponent of the Grand Mufti, and the clan of Amin al-Husayni." Hudayb was the first Arab figure to be assassinated, and it took place only two months after the Al-Buraq Revolution in Palestine in 1929.


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