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Rafiq Al-Tamimi

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1889
  • Age: 134
  • Curriculum vitae :


Rafiq Al-Tamimi , whose full name is “Muhammad Rafiq” Ragheb Al-Tamimi (1889-1957), is a Palestinian Arab educator and politician, born in Nablus to a feudal family. In 1945 he was appointed a member of the Higher Arab Committee . He is one of the founders of the Al-Arabiya Al-Fatah Association .

his life

Al-Tamimi studied elementary school in the place of his birth, and in 1902 he joined the Marjan preparatory school in Astana. He traveled to France and joined the Faculty of Arts at the Sorbonne University .

He obtained a BA in Arts and Education, worked as a professor of history in separate places, and worked as a professor of meetings in the second royal office in Beirut , where he spent two years in this work. 

After that, he was appointed director of the Union and Promotion Club in Damascus, and before he moved to work as a history teacher at the Salahiyeh School in Jerusalem, he worked as director of the commercial school established by the governor of Beirut , Nazem Pasha . Al-Tamimi is considered one of the first activists and founders of the Arab Girl Society in 1911 AD, in cooperation with his colleague Awni Abd al-Hadi .

He participated in the army of Prince Faisal bin Al-Hussein .In 1916 AD, when the General Syrian Conference was held in order to declare the refusal to establish any external mandate authority (British and French in Greater Syria ) in Damascus, Al-Tamimi was one of the representatives of Palestine in it. 

He worked as a director of the Islamic College in Jerusalem, then Al-Amriya Secondary School in Jaffa during the British Mandate until he was retired. [3] He was also politically active during the British Mandate period. Al-Tamimi immigrated to Damascus during the Nakba of Palestine in 1948 AD and died there in 1956 AD.

His writings

1) Al-Iqta'a and the first iqta'a in Islam (1945).
2) The Crusades (1945).
3) The Mediterranean Basin (1945).
4) Modern History of Europe (1946).
5) History of the Modern Age (1946)
6) History of the Crusades.
7) Vilayet of Beirut (1917) in Old Turkish (Ottoman), co-authored with Muhammad Bahja.

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