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Yaseen Al-Abadleh

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  • Country of residence: Greece
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 0
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With great enthusiasm, the young Palestinian Yassin Ibrahim Al-Abadla, head of the Palestinian Youth Association in Greece, is running in the elections to win a seat in the municipal council of the capital, Athens.

In the center of the capital, pictures of the twenty-year-old young man are raised, making him the first Greek young man of Palestinian origin to compete in Greek municipal elections.

With the energy of youth and his burning ambition, the young Palestinian Yassin competes against big and prominent names of Greek figures rooted in the capital, Athens, to be a rival to them in the Athens Municipal Council elections.

Secretary of the Palestinians of Turkey Conference, Maher Shawish, says: “I had heard about him in more than one Palestinian forum and activist inside and outside the European continent, defending Palestine and raising its flag in a strong indication of consecrating the justice of its cause wherever he came and went.”

Shawish added in his Facebook post: “After I arrived in Athens a few days before the date of writing this post, the advice of everyone I knew was to contact the head of the Palestinian Youth Association in Greece, as he is your best guide in everything related to Palestine throughout Greece and in the heart of Greece.” Its capital is Athens.

The young man, Yassin, did not hesitate to respond to the first WhatsApp message, welcoming him and initiating a generous invitation to breakfast, with such insistence and emphasis that you could not help but respond.


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