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The mayor of Gaza, Munir Al-Rayes, was born in Gaza City in 1916. He received his education until secondary school in the city’s schools, then joined the National University College in Aley in Lebanon.

Munir Al-Rayes was influenced by the personality of his teacher (Maroun Abboud), the literary critic and Arab nationalist thinker, and he was also influenced by the pioneers of the nationalist movement in the Levant.

Munir Al-Rayes had studies in literature and history in addition to being a poet, and due to his multiple responsibilities, he did not write poetry except in separate periods. He wrote a poem lamenting the freedom fighter Abdul Qadir Al-Husseini and another poem describing the Battle of Bab Al-Wad in which Saeed Al-Aas Al-Arabi Al-Suri was martyred. He also published in the year 1951 A newspaper speaking for the national ranks is the newspaper (The Holy Jihad), and its name was changed the following year to (Al-Liwaa), which continued to be published until 1956. He also participated in issuing the magazine (Call of Return), which was the voice of the Palestinian National Union, and he headed the Arab Youth Club and the Mobile Band. Affiliated with the club in 1940.

He worked as an employee as head of the clerk’s office in the Gaza Municipality from 1937 until 1944, where he ran in the municipal elections and became a member of the Gaza Municipal Council. Then, in 1953, he was chosen as deputy mayor to assume its presidency in 1955. Munir Al-Rayes took the initiative to confront the major problems that resulted from the Nakba and its aftermath. It resulted from the migration of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to the Gaza Strip.

He played a prominent role in the history of Gaza. He was not only its mayor, but he was also the elected president of the National Union. He was also close to President Gamal Abdel Nasser.

Munir Al-Rayes died on March 10, 1974, and was buried in his final resting place in Gaza City.



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