Success stories of Palestinian achievers from all over the world

Khaled Abu Arafeh

Личная информация

  • Страна местожительства: Palestine
  • Пол: Male
  • Born in: 1961
  • key_age: 55
  • Резюме :


Born in Jerusalem in 1961; received a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the Technology University in Baghdad in 1983; was repeatedly arrested and imprisoned by the Israelis between the early 1980s and 1995; served as head of Public Relations in the Silwan Charitable Society; headed also the Holy Qur’an Home Institute in Ras Al-Amud, Jerusalem; is a member of the Land Defense and Silwan Real Estate Committee; one of the Hamas leaders in Jerusalem; was appointed Minister of Jerusalem Affairs in March 2006; was arrested (along with other PA ministers and PLC members) in an Israeli military sweep against Hamas on 29 June 2006; refused to resign from the PA government as demanded by Israel and had his Jerusalem residency permit and Israeli ID card subsequently revoked by Interior Minister Roni Bar-On on 30 June 2006; is still detained as of July 2006. Was appointed Minister of Jerusalem Affairs in March 2006.


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