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Ruhi Abdulhadi

Ruhi Abdulhadi

Sector : Government Officials , Ministers

Personal Info

  • Country of residence : Palestine
  • Gender : Male
  • Born in : 1885
  • Age : 131
  • Curriculum vitae :


Born in Jenin in 1885; attended the Jesuit College and the Frères College in Beirut; studied at the Lycée Imperial in Istanbul and graduated in 1905; earned a higher degree in Law from the Institute of Law in Istanbul in 1908; worked as a legal translator for the Ottoman Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as teacher of French in the Royal School; served many years in the Ottoman diplomatic and consular corps, incl. in the post of Deputy-Consul General in Greece, Russia and Romania; was arrested by France during WWI in 1914 and sent to Tolon, then Switzerland, where he was released and appointed Secretary of the Turkish Consulate in Bern; in charge of Public Administration (1915) and of Private Administration (1916) in the Ottoman FM; served in different Ottoman diplomatic posts before moving to Damascus in July 1920; left Damascus three days after the French occupation and moved to Haifa; held senior positions in the Palestinian administration under the British Mandate; was elected Secretary to the first Palestinian delegation to London in 1921 but could not participate for personal reasons; was appointed by the British authorities as Assistant District Officer of Jerusalem, then as Assistant Secretary of the Palestinian Government in 1930; became District Governor of Jerusalem and later Senior Assistant Secretary of the Palestine Government in 1944; held various ministerial posts in Jordan, incl. FM in 1949, and Justice Minister in 1949 and from 1952-53; died on 16 July 1954 in Nablus.


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