Success stories of Palestinian achievers from all over the world

Yaser Abed Rabbo

Личная информация

  • Страна местожительства: Palestine
  • Пол: Male
  • Born in: 1945
  • key_age: 71
  • Резюме :


Born in Jaffa in 1945; became refugee in 1948; MA in Economics and Political Science from the AUC; in 1968, co-founder (with Nayef Hawatmeh ), former leader and Deputy Sec.-Gen. of the DFLP after it split from the PFLP; DFLP representative to the PLO Exec. Committee from 1971 and head of its Information and Culture Dept. from 1973. In Aug. 1973, he first proposed establishing a state in the WBGS rather than claiming all of historic Palestine; believed to be the main force behind the 1988 adoption of the two-state solution of the PNC in Algiers; took part in dialogue with Jordan and the US during the period 1988-90; expelled from the DFLP politburo in April 1991 after quarrels over leadership; subsequently formed a new group – Fida (Palestinian Democratic Union) in Sept. 1991, which abandoned Marxism-Leninism and accepted the proposed peace conference; FIDA Sec.-Gen. ever since; head of the PLO Information Dept. in Tunis; member of the Palestinian delegation to the 1991 Madrid talks; helped in the secret Oslo talks in 1993; Minister for Information and Culture in the PA since 1994; won a seat in the Tulkarem Constituency in the Palestinian elections in Jan. 1996; considered a leading PLO moderate; member of the PLO Exec. Committee (FIDA), head of the PLO Media Dept. and close advisor to Arafat; since 1998, head of the PLC Committee for Education, Culture and Science; appointed to head the negotiating team to the final status talks in 1999, but resigned – although with no effect - in May 2000 over the revelation of ‘secret' talks in Stockholm, Sweden; member (Minister of Culture and Information) of the reduced PA cabinet of June 2002 and the new cabinet of 29 Oct. 2002; since 29 April 2003 Minister of Cabinet Affairs in the cabinet of PM Mahmoud Abbas (until the Nov. 2003 cabinet reshuffle under PM Ahmed Qrei'a ); co-initiator (with Israeli Yossi Beilin) and signatory to the unofficial Dec. 2003 Geneva Accord; head of the Palestinian Peace Coalition, a non-governmental grassroots institution that aims at promoting a strong partnership for a just and lasting Palestinian-Israeli peace.


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