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Fawwaz Touqan

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Lebanon
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1940
  • Age: 75
  • Curriculum vitae :


Fawwaz Tuqan is a Palestinian poet, novelist and professor. Born on 6 September 1940 to a notable Palestinian family, his father is Ahmad Abdul Fattah Tuqan, former Prime Minister of Jordan.

Tuqan has taught at establishments such as Yale University, University of Minnesota, University of Jordan, and the American University of Beirut. He also served as Minister of Social Development in Jordan from 1988 to 1989 in Zaid al-Rifai’s cabinet.

As of 2004 he is a professor at the American University of Beirut (AUB).

Tuqan was born in Jerusalem in 1940. He lived briefly in Nablus and Tulkarm, then the family moved back to Amman. He went to high school in Beirut.

Tuqan has 5 daughters and 3 sons: Karimah, Yumn, Ghanwah, Al Fadeil, Duniazad, Al Muthanna, Fawz and Mustafa.


Achievements and Awards

Academic Work Experience:

Professor, Arabic literature and history of Islamic civilization, 2005–present. Department of Arabic and Near Eastern Languages - American University of Beirut
Visiting Professor, Arabic language and literature, 2004 - 2005. Department of Arabic and Near Eastern Languages - American University of Beirut
Professor, Arabic language and mass communication, 1999 - 2003. Department of Information, tourism and Arts - Bahrain University
Professor, Arabic language and history of civilization, 1997-1998. Arabic Language and Islamic Studies Department - Bahrain University
Professor, Arabic language and history of civilization, 1995-1997. Languages Department - Zaytunah University, Amman - Jordan
Professor, Associate Prof., and Assistant Prof., 1969-1995. Arabic language, literature and history of civilization, Department of Arabic Language and Literatures, Department of History and Archeology - University of Jordan
Assistant Professor, Arabic language and history of civilization, 1967-1969. Middle Eastern Languages Department - University of Minnesota
Assistant in Teaching, Arabic language, 1964-1967. Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations Department - Yale University

Non-fictional booksRevolution of Astronomy and Astrology in Abbasid Poetry, in press.
Gibran and Arrabitah: What Went behind the Scenes and the Relationship with Socialist Ideology (in Arabic), Beirut, Dar at-Tali'ah, 2005.
Fadwa Tuqan: Selected Poems, translated and introduced (in English), Amman, Naseej, 2005.
Svensk-Arabiskt Lexikon (Swedish-Arabic dictionary), compiled by Nael Y. Touqan, Stockholm, Lexin: spraklexikon for invandrare, 1999.
Translation into Arabic: Christianity in the Arab World (by HRH Prince Al- Hassan bin Talal, London, Longman's, 1993), rephrased in Arabic by Fawwaz Ahmad Tuqan to fit the Arab reader who is not knowledgeable in Christian Theology, Amman/ London, Amman Bookshop and Longman's, 1994.

Abd al-Mun'im ar-Rifa'i: Poetic Imagery (in Arabic), Amman, Dar Kitabukum, Shqair and 'Akasheh, 1993.
Early Arab Islamic Art (in Arabic), Amman/ Beirut, United Publishers, 1993.
Poetry in Jerash Festival, edited and introduced (in Arabic), Amman, Dar Kitabukum, Shqair and 'Akasheh, 1987.
Zionist Colonialism in Palestine: Settlements 1870-1967 (1870-1967), Amman, Dar Kitabukum, Shqair and 'Akasheh, 1986.
Poetry Movement in Jordan: 1948-1977 (1948-1977) (in Arabic), Amman, Dar Kitabukum, Shqair and 'Akasheh, 1985.
The Self-Made Man Amman, Arab Bank Ltd. and Arab Establishment for Studies and Publishing, 1984. (120 hours taped interviews, examination of personal archives and old files and documents of the Arab Bank, recomposing Shuman's biography in 88 short-story style chapters).
Al-Ha'ir: Studies in Umayyad Desert Palaces, Amman, Ministry of Culture, 1979.
Illustrated History of Jordan, Amman, Ministry of Culture, 1977.
Mahmoud Darwish: Selected Poems, translated into English and introduced, with Ian Wedde, London, Carcanet Press, 1974.


The New Hamlet, in press.
Goodbye Geneve, Beirut, Arab Diffusion Company, 2003.

The Lake (Winnipesaukee): Six Attempts to Paint Sunset (البحيرة: سبع محاولات لرسم الغروب), Amman Amman Library, 1979
Save the sea, Amman, Al Sha'b Publishers, 1983.
Tomorrow We Open the City, Amman, 1992.
Fawwaz Tuqan: Selected Poetry, Amman, Ministry of Culture Publications, 2004.

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