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Zakaria Alastal

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  • Страна местожительства: Palestine
  • Пол: Male
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  • key_age: 56
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Dr. Zakaria El Astal, 53, has six family members, he lives in Khan Younis and he conducted many scientific researches and worked in different medical fields. He graduated from Science Department at Al Azhar university in 1980 and he got excellency in his major, he worked at the criminal laboratory in Qatar for 4 years. He also worked at the Central director of the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza in 1989, he participated in a training session in Seroka hospital in Beier Sheba, and he got his M.A degree in the General Health at Al Quds University in Abu Dies.

Later on he got his PH.D in 2002 from Eien Shamis University, it was about antibiotics and their effects upon bacteria that causes diseases in Gaza. His PhD incited him to conduct more researches about various forms of bacteria defense against antibiotics used in Gaza, the other part of his researches concentrated on medicines extracted from herbs and their effectiveness in defending bacteria.

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