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Raghib al-Nashashibi

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1881
  • Age: 140
  • Curriculum vitae :


Ragheb Nashashibi
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Ragheb Nashashibi
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personal information
Birth year 1881 Modify property value (P569) in Wikidata
Jerusalem Modify property value (P19) in Wikidata
Death 1951 (aged 69–70) Editing property value (P570) at Wikidata
Jordan Modify property value (P20) in Wikidata
Citizenship Flag of Jordan.svg Jordan
Flag of the Ottoman Empire (1844–1922).
practical life
Alma mater Istanbul University Modify property value (P69) in Wikidata
Occupation Politician Modify the value of a property (P106) on Wikidata
Party PNP Modify property value (P102) in Wikidata
Military service
Battles and Wars World War I Edit property value (P607) on Wikidata
Order BritEmp (civil) rib.PNG Order of the British Empire Commander in Chief Modify property value (P166) on Wikidata
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Ragheb Al-Nashashibi (1880-1951 AD, born in Jerusalem) is a Palestinian political figure who belongs to the Nashashibi family, one of the Palestinian families during the Ottoman period.

Statement issued by Ragheb Nashashibi in Sawt al-Shaab newspaper, 1934
His educational career
He completed his primary education in Jerusalem schools, then moved to Astana, where he completed his secondary education and joined the Ottoman University and studied engineering there.

his positions
In 1908, he served as a deputy in the Ottoman House of Representatives and served as an officer in the Turkish army in the First World War. Then he returned to Jerusalem and was appointed as an engineer for public works in the Jerusalem District.

He was elected in the Syrian Conference in 1919 AD, and in 1920 Ragheb, who was a collaborator with the British, was appointed mayor of Jerusalem by the English Mandate after Musa Kazem al-Husseini was dismissed, and he remained in his position for fourteen years. His supporters consider him to be the man who transformed Jerusalem into a modern city, as Ragheb carried out a number of construction projects such as building roads, bringing water into the city, constructing sewers, and building the town hall.

In 1934, Dr. Hussein Al-Khalidi was elected mayor of Jerusalem after defeating Ragheb. Ragheb took the initiative to form the National Defense Party to play the role of another political force alternative to the Jerusalem municipality, enabling him to battle his opponents from the Husseini family, who enjoy strong popular seats.

When the Arab Higher Committee for Palestine was established, Ragheb was chosen as a member until it was dissolved at the end of 1937.

He opposed the partition project proposed by the Peel Commission; He was known to be close to Prince Abdullah, noting that the Peel Committee had proposed the annexation of the Arab part of Palestine to Transjordan after the division of the country, and this annexation was what Prince Abdullah aspired to. directed against Hajj Amin al-Husseini in an attempt to eliminate his influence among the Palestinians.

The leaders of the revolution were accused of committing massacres. The British Mandate authorities took advantage of the activity of the Defense Party and formed what was called the “Peace Factions” to strike the revolution. He rejoined the Arab Higher Committee in 1945 AD when the Arab Higher Committee for Palestine was formed again, then withdrew from the Committee in 1946 AD.

After the Nakba occurred in 1948, the West Bank was annexed to Transjordan. Al-Ragheb was appointed Minister of Agriculture in the Jordanian government, then Minister of Transport and Communications, then Governor-General of the West Bank and the General Guardian of the Noble Sanctuary and Holy Places; Then he was appointed as a member of the Jordanian Senate.

Hold the C.B.E. Commandor Medal. from the British Empire. He died in 1951 AD.


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