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Amjad Ahmed Al-Najjar

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1973
  • Age: 48
  • Curriculum vitae :


Amjad Ahmed Mustafa al-Najjar (August 5, 1973 -), director of the Palestinian Prisoner Club / Hebron, member of the founding committee of the Palestinian Prisoner Club in the West Bank, head of the refugee cultural center in al-Fawwar camp, and a political activist from the leaders of the Fatah movement in the Hebron governorate. He was arrested and expelled several times by Israeli occupation forces.

Amjad Ahmed Mustafa Al-Najjar was born in Al-Fawwar camp on the lands of Hebron Governorate, and he goes back to the occupied town of Fallujah, located to the north-east of Gaza City. Amjad Al-Najjar received his education in various Palestinian schools, after which he joined Hebron University (Department of Continuing Education) to obtain from it a professional diploma specializing in public secretariat, but his ambition did not stop at this major, but rather to complete his studies at Al-Quds University. Concurrent with the circumstances and conditions in Palestine prevented him from doing so, but his insistence on completing his education remained despite all that had happened to him. He is now a student at Al-Quds Open University, majoring in "Management and Entrepreneurship".

training courses
A course in crisis management (releasing stress and the stage of child development) with a duration of sixty-four hours of training under the supervision of the International Movement for Defending Children and the Save the Children Foundation.
A twenty-four hour capacity-building course, under the supervision of the Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy Issues.
A course for young leaders (a certificate equivalent to a diploma) from the Arab Center in Nazareth, under the supervision of the National Democratic Gathering.
A course to prepare electoral campaign managers with eighteen hours of training under the supervision of the Public Contact Center and the Palestinian Youth Forum for Development.
A course on the rights of the child with a duration of thirty hours of training under the supervision of the international movement for the defense of children and in cooperation with the forces of the temporary international presence in the city of Hebron.
A training course at the Ministry of Information on the role of the Palestinian media in confronting the Israeli media.
his struggle

Amjad Al-Najjar with the late President Yasser Arafat
The struggle life of Amjad Al-Najjar began to appear prominently since the outbreak of the first Palestinian uprising in 1987 AD, when he joined the Fatah movement, where it was organized by the fighter Tayseer Karaja, who was asked to form a military group consisting of five individuals to carry out the patriotic decisions and the implementation of the leadership’s actions. Contrasting that, and on September 13, 1989, Amjad was arrested for the first time for a period of four administrative months. He was arrested for the second time on April 21, 1990, three months after his release. For a precautionary period of four days, he was again handed a green card (house arrest) on November 27, 1990, during which time he participated in Most of the national activists worked to implement all the decisions issued by the Unified National Command of the Intifada, but on August 5, 1990, he was arrested for the third time with members of a group that was working for the Fatah movement, where he and members of the group were subjected to the city of Marba` and the group's investigation. After this period, the Israeli court issued the verdict, whereby Amjad Al-Najjar was sentenced to twenty years in prison on December 28, 1991, and he spent five years moving between Israeli prisons, and after signing the peace agreement, he was released on May 5, 1995, and was in prison working The organizational positions where he worked as a security department coordinator, and administrative department coordinator, and during this period he participated in drafting the internal system of the Palestinian Prisoner Club Foundation, where with the advent of the Palestinian National Authority he worked as the director of the Palestinian Prisoner Club (Hebron), and then established the Al-Fawwar Center .



Achievements and Awards


The Shield of Excellence and Creativity presented by the Prisoner Club to Amjad Al-Najjar
Amjad Al-Najjar has several memberships in public institutions, such as:

Member of the constituent body of the Palestinian Prisoner Club Association.
Member of the administrative board of the Palestinian Child Culture Center in Al-Fawwar camp.
Head of the refugee cultural center in Al-Fawwar camp.

Participated in several local and international conferences, including:

The Conference of World Cultures and Civilizations, which was held in Barcelona, with the participation of one hundred and forty countries.
A conference was held in Ivry, France, on Israel's violation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
A conference was held in France in Paris on torture in Israeli prisons.
Studies and research
Amjad Al-Najjar has written several articles in the local Palestinian newspapers and has published several research and studies related to the Palestinian issue, including:

A research entitled "The Impact of Israeli Practices in Prisons on the Psychological and Social Adjustment of Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners".
A discussion on “the right of return is a right of no return.”
Research on "The Impact of the Intifada on Children".


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