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Ibrahim Ajwa

Личная информация

  • Страна местожительства: Palestine
  • Пол: Male
  • Born in: 1955
  • key_age: 66
  • Резюме :


Ibrahim Ajwa, Palestinian politician. He was born in 1955 in the town of Samou' in Palestine, south of Hebron. He graduated from its secondary schools and joined Yarmouk University in Jordan and holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics.

his political career
He joined the Fatah movement during his university studies in 1976. He joined the split that occurred in the Fatah movement in 1983 following the exit from Beirut, which resulted in the formation of the Fatah Movement - the Intifada. The dissident organization bore the name of the Fatah Movement. The Zionist occupation authorities prevented him from returning to the homeland, accusing him of participating in organizing the volunteer movement at Yarmouk University, which volunteered to participate in the face of the Zionist invasion of Lebanon in 1978 up to the Awali River.

He was arrested in Jordan more than once during his university studies. He was arrested after graduating from university in 1982, after his active participation in mobilizing volunteers to participate in the confrontation of the Zionist invasion of Lebanon. He was arrested in 1987 for a period of six months in the Jordanian General Intelligence Department, and after that he was arrested more than once and for varying periods due to his political activity. He became a member of the Revolutionary Movement Council and the Secretary of the Jordan Region. He was relieved of his duties in the movement after Abu Khaled al-Amlah was dismissed from the movement, and he is the most powerful man in it. Al-Amla was accused after his arrest by the Syrians of being involved in establishing the Fatah al-Islam phenomenon. As for Ibrahim Ajwa, he was accused of being involved with Abu Khaled al-Amla in establishing a national organization. And that he rejects the decisions of the movement and receives his instructions from Abu Khaled Al-Amlah.




Достижения и награды

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