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Paul Shehadeh

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Paul Shehadeh (1882 - 1943) was a Palestinian journalist, poet and politician from Ramallah.

He was educated at the Zion School in Jerusalem and then continued his studies at the Youth School, which was later known as the English College. He founded Mirat al-Sharq newspaper in Jerusalem on 17.9.1919. It is a daily, political and social newspaper published in both Arabic and English and continued to be published until his death in 1942. He also wrote in many newspapers in the field of prose and poetry, such as Al-Muqtataf newspaper and Al-Zohour magazine owned by his friend Anton Gemayel. He attended the Seventh Palestinian Arab Conference in 1928.

Among his books is the History of Jerusalem book with Dr. Khalil Totah in 1920. He was known for his unparalleled boldness. It is said that he addressed a large crowd gathered in Al-Juraina Square in the city of Haifa and demanded the overthrow of Sultan Abdul Hamid, which led to his sentence in 1907, so he fled to Cairo. He belonged to the Arab St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Ramallah and was a member Active in her synod.

his family
He married Mary Sarouf, a feminist and social activist at that time, who wrote for the newspaper, Mirat al-Sharq, and took charge of literary programs on Al-Quds Radio. His brother Salim Shehadeh worked as a judge in the Central Court in Jaffa and retired in 1946, and his son Fouad Shehadeh worked as a lawyer and in 1994 he assumed the position of deputy head of the Jordanian Bar Association.

his death
He died in 1943 and was buried in the large cemetery in Ramallah.




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